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  1. New guy, moving to Spokane soon to join the party. Got my first taste of backcountry in the Presidentials of NH and then spent a few years exploring the goods and checking off some bucket list lines in Colorado. Been stuck in the south for a few years though, so I’m absolutely stoked to get back at it!
  2. Hey! I am new to Split boarding and new to the site! Taking my course in Nelson in December! getting stoked for this winter!
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  3. Splitboarder here from the Portland area. I have a good friend of mine who recently moved to Coeur d'Alene and will be making trips to northern Idaho this winter!
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  4. Hi all. I'm an old splitboarder from the Spokane Valley. Been riding in the backcountry 20+ years. Just joined the group. Looking forward to some new adventures and maybe making some new friends this winter!
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  5. Hi All, Moved to Idaho a few years ago and am looking to meet some good people and do some touring this fall. Spent four years living in Colorado and Four years in Montana. Hit me up if your looking for a partner for some early season turns. Hoping to head out towards lookout!
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  6. Hello fellow riders of the NW! New to the backcountry scene. Lookin forward to soakin up all the info and stories this community has to offer.

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  7. Hi all, new to the backcountry ski scene and looking for beta. Thanks!
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  8. Hi everyone, thank you for putting this site together. I’ve lived in Idaho/Eastern Washington my entire life but have done just a little backcountry skiing here. My experience in the backcountry has mostly been in Colorado but I know there are some great areas here. Along with skiing I also enjoy snowshoeing and cross country skiing. I can’t wait for winter and I’m excited to get out there this year and meet some of you. Thanks again.
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  9. Hey everyone, just joined. Moved to Spokane 4 years ago. Looking to get into the backcountry scene here.
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  10. PhorestPhil


    New to this site but pretty stoked that is exist! I'm currently living on the East coast but an looking to move to the Coeur D'alene / panhandle area. Whats the back country scene like out that way? any recommendations on towns I should be looking to that have great skiing both back country and resort? I'v previously lived in Alaska and Colorado and have gotten spoiled by world class touring and great communities of people in the back. any recommendation or info/advice anyone could offer would be greatly be appreciated. Hope to be joining you all out there in a season or two!
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  11. Looking forward to this season!
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  12. PowderPanda

    PowderPanda Staff Member

    Liberty Lake, WA
    Welcome @PhorestPhil
    Well, living depends on what you need and want to spend. Live in Sandpoint... $$$$, Live in CDA $$$, Live in Kellogg or Silver Valley $$ (notice the # of $ I placed, LoL).
    As for backcountry access, insane! However a bit of that depends on if you have a sled or not. Without, some pretty long tour days unless you relegate yourself to a few areas (Lookout pass, Willow Pk, St Regis basin - High avy, or out of resorts).

    This could be a long conversation to discuss the in/outs of the different areas (amenities, housing, work available, etc).

    Flip through tour reports a bit for understanding who gets where and how.

    Welcome to the site! We have several ex-East Coasters here!!!
  13. Daddy


    Hi. I'm new to this site and recently moved back to this area from AK. Looking forward to learning more about backcountry options in this area.
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  14. Hey everyone, new to the site and backcountry riding but looking to get into the scene this winter.
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  15. Hi everyone!
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  16. Looking forward to a first winter in the Backcountry; split curious and winter camping.
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  17. Hey folks I grew up in central Washington but love Idaho. Stoked to become part of the community!

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  18. Hello all,
    I am moving to coeur d Alene with my wife and doggos on a January 2. I just bought a backcountry set up and was looking for a group or individual to learn from and check out the area with. If any once is Interested I would be super stoked. Thanks in advance and I look forward to getting out this season.
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  19. Hi all! Just getting into backcountry skiing in the area and looking to learn more about routes, events, and how to meet more BC enthusiasts in north Idaho. Have done some trips before including Lunch Peak, Roman Nose, and Schweitzer SC, excited to learn more!
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  20. Corey maybe in a month or so if you are free you could tech some skill you have picked up so far?

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