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Discussion in 'General' started by idsnowghost, Jan 15, 2015.

  1. New to the site and looking for trip reports for some upcoming spring excursions. From Tacoma and now Spokane and I spend a lot of my time in the mountains, mostly Selkirks and Cabinets.
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  3. Awesome Site! I am from Washington and have family in the CDA area. Looking to explore some spring touring in north Idaho. Looks like a great community.

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  4. s6p


    Lots of great info on here! Excited to join the community
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  5. Just discovered the site and wish I had found it earlier, look forward to exploring!
  6. Hello everybody, I am here for the summer and winters from Tacoma. I am looking forward to meeting some people and learning where I can do some June skiing in the panhandle!
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  7. PowderPanda

    PowderPanda Staff Member

    Liberty Lake, WA
    Still lots of turns out there.. Northern ID Selkirks and peaks in Western MT (ID border have places too).
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  8. Girlfriend and I are moving out around Sandpoint in September... Mostly for the Backcountry potential! Excited to check it out and get to know some new ski/riding buddies
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  9. Fil


    Just confirmed my move to Spokane from Seattle next month and stoked to ski some new terrain
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  10. Hi fellow riders! Checked out sandpoint and schweitzer a couple of years ago and really want to come back and explore further. Great site! Thanks for having me.
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