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    Spokane, WA
    Welcome to Panhandle Backcountry! (You can introduce yourself in this thread!)


    PanhandleBackcountry is a community of backcountry skiers and splitboarders in North Idaho, Eastern Washington and Northwestern Montana. Thanks for joining us and please participate in our forums where you can organize tours and events, check trip reports and route information, share snowpack observations and conditions, and talk about or trade your gear locally.

    First things first..
    Safe travel in the backcountry is of utmost importance:

    Before you go make sure your group has the skills, knowledge and training to travel in avalanche terrain. Read the local avalanche advisory and always carry a shovel, probe and transceiver (plus cell phone and airbag). Be sure to check out our “Be Avalanche Aware” section with a full list of local avalanche education courses available and other avalanche safety tips and resources:

    Fill out your profile:

    You can do this by clicking on your own username at page header or browsing to:

    Upload an avatar and please fill out your profile as completely as possible, especially the "Training and Experience" section! This gives others an understanding of what level of backcountry experience you have. That way one can properly route find for each individual that may be in a group. Don't forget other sections like what gear you're rocking! Many people have questions about gear and if they see what you use, they may have questions as to what your thoughts on the gear is. Profiles can only be viewed by other logged-in members.

    Get the weather forecast quickly:

    We’ve compiled a list of weather forecasts and resources relevant to backcountry skiing and splitboarding in our area. Browse to to view time-lapse webcams, live weather data, SNOTEL reports, forecasts, radars and more. Local and regional avalanche advisories are also included on this page (as well as right on the homepage!)

    Share a trip report:

    Have you been out lately? Consider sharing your photos, conditions, pit data, beta or story with the rest of the community in the 'Trip Reports' forum. Reports can be as simple as a couple notes on conditions to full epic stories with several photos and video — the more information the better, but anything is helpful! Trip Reports are only viewable to logged in members. Collaborative knowledge can increase all members’ experience in the backcountry!

    Connect with tour partners:

    The backcountry is better with friends! If you’re looking to get out with others post in the 'Tour Partners' forum and link up with others. The more information you include on the tour or partners you’re seeking the better. It’s also a good idea to include your level of training and experience (and an acknowledgement you have the necessary gear) here if you’re new to the community.


    This community was built by a backcountry skier and splitboarder for our peers: skiers and splitboarders. We value suggestions and input from members and use them to shape the future of Panhandle Backcountry accordingly!


    Want a free Panhandle Backcountry sticker to rock on your boards, nalgene or roof box? We have a couple different styles of die cut stickers to share! Send a private message to PowderPanda or me (idsnowghost) with your mailing address, or if local we can make arrangements to meet up. You can also buy stickers directly from our printer here! (we don't set the prices nor get a cut)

    Thanks again for joining us! Please feel free introduce yourself to the community in this thread or ask any questions! Welcome!
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  2. Really enjoy the website guys! I haven't been out much this year having a newborn in November and more recently a surgery so I've been living vicariously through the awesome trip reports. I'm pretty green when it comes to venturing into the backcountry but really looking forward to getting out there when things settle down. Pray for Snow! Cheers!
  3. idsnowghost

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    Spokane, WA
    Welcome to the community, Mitchell! Hope you heal up soon and are able to get out and make some turns with us!
  4. PowderPanda

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    Liberty Lake, WA
    Mitchell, Heal up.. Maybe get ya to go to Glacier National Park with us in July!!! Best year to be healing!!! We have another member out now too.. Injuries suck.
  5. Batski


    Rathdrum, ID
    Thanks for putting together this site. Lots of good info.
    I bought my first touring gear a little over 5 years ago and have only used it going side country at Schweitzer a few times and skinned mt spokane after the lifts closed in past seasons.
    I have not really known what all the possibilities are. Definitely have some goals for next season now!
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    Liberty Lake, WA
    Thanks for joining Batski!!!
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  7. raynord22


    Hello everybody,
    I joined back in February but have been waiting to introduce myself until closer to my arrival in the panhandle. I am moving from Wisconsin (<- This explains the no backcountry skiing experience) to Coeur d'Alene in about two weeks. I am excited about picking up backcountry skiing. I will be completely new to the up but I did get out west a few days this years and confirmed I can still ski down hills. :) I also will be going through a full gear purchasing binge soon after arriving as I have no gear. Well, that is my awkward intro. Maybe I will get some gear and out for a trip or two before the snow melts if I'm lucky. Thanks making/keeping this site up.
  8. PowderPanda

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    Liberty Lake, WA
    Awesome Raynord!!!Welcome aboard!!! Well, this season was disappointing due to the low snow, so don't feel bad. You're buying gear at the right time.. sales are going to be good! I'm guessing you ski (I won't hold against ya) check out the Ski Gear section. Ton of guys here that have tried pretty much everything.. so you don't waste your time!!

    We still have snow!!
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  10. idsnowghost

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    Spokane, WA
    Welcome and thanks for the suggestion! It's looking pretty white on that camera right now!
  11. Howdy all,
    So actually just posting here to ask you guys about how much touring is really available in the Sandpoint, McCall, or Silver mt. areas without needing a sled?
    I've ski toured quite a bit in various places in Colorado and the Whitefish area. Been up in Alaska for the last few years and while the alpine terrain and big snow is phenomenal, there's a big lack of treed terrain for safer touring when it's snowing/foggy or steeper stuff is just too dangerous . . . so thinking about a move back to the intermountain or west coast area.

    Don't need the biggest most badass terrain, but don't want to just low-angle meadow skip all the time either. The biggest issue really is just good quality skiing i wouldn't have to slog forever to get to or absolutely need a sled.

    I actually really like Whitefish for the couple years i was there, which is why i think i'd enjoy Sandpoint or McCall, being similar it seems. But there just wasn't really that much moderate skiing available. Stuff off the resort was fun but kinda limited plus forced to deal with the resort scene. Stuff near or in Glacier park is generally big and burly with long approaches and a long drive to get there. A snowmachine could really open things up there, and i'd be fine using a machine for access as long as i didn't HAVE TO just to ski.

    Considering a trip there later this winter to ski and check stuff out.

    Admins, how do i change my username? The signin got all janky and made me use my real name, egads.
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  12. PowderPanda

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    Liberty Lake, WA
    Welcome!!! send Idsnowghost a message to change your name to whatever you create!!

    So, we don't have much beta for McCall, as the separation between here and down there is like 2 worlds. There is no main highway, and it is cumbersome at best for winter driving. That said, I do know there is a huge bc scene there. I think there is a bit more sled access though, which is the bummer for most of North Idaho.

    Glacier, unfortunately, you can't even use a sled into the park.. Or I'd be there!!! LoL When the pass opens in early summer, we get a group and go hit it, so put that on your calendar!

    So, check out the Tour Reports for Schweitzer, you'll see several and a map for lift access areas. Silver also has several areas for "side country' riding. Although since it has been over a week since the storms, getting pretty hammered now.

    Play around a bit in the Tour Reports and you will see some of the place people are going non-motorized access. Ask the original poster questions for more info if you want to get out to the area.

    Again, Welcome Aboard!!!
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  13. Hello folks,
    I joined the site in early December, looking for information on backcountry skiing in North Idaho. The site is great, with lots of info, and pictures. Looks like a strong backcountry community. First time posting on the site.
    My wife and I just moved to the CDA area, and were looking into backcountry skiing. I am not very experienced in the back country (done a couple of tours in Alaska, and Cali, Sierra Nevada, and some overnight winter camping). My wife has no backcountry experience, but she is a great skier (ex-downhill racer back in the days).
    I see that access is somewhat limited if you do not have a snow machine?
    I would be very interested in joining any organized trips, or tag along with experience folks, or if you are in need of a ski partner(s).
    We are polishing up on our avalanche skills, and perhaps taking the level I course that will be offered this month.
    looking forward to meeting fellow BC skiers, and get involved in the BC skiing community.
  14. PowderPanda

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    Liberty Lake, WA
    Good to have you aboard Christian.. Read some of the tour reports and check who's on. People will post for Tour Partners. Anything here out of bounds or outside of resorts can be full on, so be sure to have avy gear and sign up for the Idaho Panhandle Avalanche Center alerts. Check the advisory even if you heard to behind Lookout pass!!!

    Happy riding!!!
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  15. Hey guys great site! I live in Kelowna, BC dont get through there much (ever LOL) but am going to GNP Montucky this year I'll let you know when I'm rolling through in case anyone wants to hop a ride. Cheers!
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  16. PowderPanda

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    Liberty Lake, WA
    Awesome ShailCeasar (Nice name BTW). We try to make it the first weekend they open. Sometimes we don't know until just a week or less. That's the sucky part.. We could run a bet on who is closest to the date it opens. LoL
  17. Last year they opened the West side a week or even 8 days before the whole road opened. I didn't go until the whole road opened but there would have been better snow 8 days before for sure. Do you happen to know if you can get away with snow camping in GNP? There is maddeningly little info on the website. I'm talking about cross country travel here traverses etc. Cant seem to find out! Thanks hope to see you guys up there.
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  18. Looking forward to participating in the forum. Planning a trip to Mt Adams this weekend
  19. Hi Everyone! Just moved to the PNW.
  20. awesome site! looking forward to venturing into the sawtooths :)
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