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Discussion in 'General' started by idsnowghost, Jan 15, 2015.

  1. Hi, new member, longtime lover of North Idaho, excited to have this resource to help explore around Priest Lake and Schweitzer areas with my family!
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  2. PowderPanda

    PowderPanda Staff Member

    Liberty Lake, WA
    Welcome aboard Kristen!! You have great areas up there to play around.. if you have a pass at the Schizz.. a plethora of options!!
  3. bclr


    SW MT
    Hi Everyone -- new member from down south -- SW MT. The fam is considering heading up your way around New Year's if it keeps snowing up there. The 16-day forecast looks a little dry -- at least they're not very accurate :^) I know you can stack up an amazing amount of SWE during Dec -- here's hoping. Thanks for all your efforts to build and maintain the website, and the community. Cheers to a great winter, Lance.
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  4. Great site! Can't wait to get out and explore Eastern WA/ North Idaho this winter!
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  5. Great looking site, going to be spending the month of December in Coeur D'alene. Looking forward to checking out the area.
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  6. New member here, excited to check out what the panhandle area has to offer! Long time skier, just got my touring setup together and my level 1 avalanche course under wraps. Hoping to keep learning and developing a feel for the backcountry and to make some new touring partners. Bring in the season!
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  7. Hey all I'm a long time idaho resident and snowboarder looking to get into backcountry skiing. I'm looking for cool places to take my new set up right after I get my avy cert in Feb.
  8. Andrew Chase

    Andrew Chase

    Hi All-

    I just relocated from northern New England to the Spokane area and am looking to meet partners to do some touring this winter. I am signed up for a Level 1 class in January. Most of my backcountry experience is in the tightly gladed terrain typically found in VT/NH, in addition to some travel in avalanche terrain with experienced partners on Mount Washington.

    I plan to mostly stick to low-angle terrain this winter and then plan to ski steeper terrain in late spring when the snowpack has consolidated. I will probably also skin 49N and Mt Spokane during the days they allow uphill travel.

    Feel free to reach out if you'd like to join - or are looking for a ski partner.
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  9. Looks like a great place to get good bc info and stay safe in las montañas !!
  10. Going to school in Bozeman but from the panhandle area, love the content on here.
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  11. Awesome site with tons of info! Thanks for letting me in
  12. TracyT


    Liberty Lake
    This is an amazing resource! I had no idea this existed. :)
  13. Hey everyone! What an awesome website. Thanks to all who put this together and keep it running.
    From Wisconsin (rumors are true- I love cheese and beer) and now living in Sandpoint. Just got my touring setup and signed up for my avy 1 course in late January up at Schweitzer. Will be skiing there as much as possible this winter and am really looking forward to exploring the backcountry there and all around the area.
    Looking forward to meeting people through here! Reach out if you ever need a skiing partner!
  14. I discovered this site last year, but was out of town for most of the season. I’m pumped to get out there this season

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