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Discussion in 'General' started by idsnowghost, Jan 15, 2015.

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    Liberty Lake, WA
    LoL.. that's funny! I agree..
  2. New to the area moved to Moscow from upstate NY originally from Cincinnati Ohio. I’m also new to backcountry skiing planning to start out very slow, can’t wait to get some proper training.
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  3. Hi everyone, I moved to Hope, ID a year ago and after having a baby in May am hoping to finally get to use my backcountry gear this winter! I am an intermediate skier but brand new to backcountry. I have so far only used it in the off season at the resort. I’ve had a hard time finding resources on where to go so I’m really excited to check out this website.
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  4. Hey everyone
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    Spokane, WA
    It's about 5 miles or so up: but Strong Creek is a great tour out of Hope, then up to the summit of Roundtop. Some of the best views of the lake!

  6. Hi all! Considering a move to the panhandle and looking for more information on the touring. This website is a great resource!
  7. Looking forward to getting to know the north Idaho area, coming from Moscow as well!
  8. I really appreciate this site and all of the resources. Thanks for all of the hard work and thoughtful postings.
  9. Hi! Moving to CDA this fall and wanted to get a jump on getting familiar with the backcountry terrain in the area.

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