To any new members: Welcome!

Hello all! I come from Oregon with AIARE1, Search and Rescue and backcountry touring experience (Hood/Bachelor/Crater Lake areas). I recently moved to Central WA and i am excited to explore both east and west while also considering options south and north. This weekend's plan, Sat Jan 14, is to push around Willow and Stevens, just east of Wallace, ID, if conditions permit. Excited to check out some intermountain snow.

Touring for me began in 2021 having made the step from extensive resort riding. Skinning sure beats the heck out of snowshoeing! There's also a heck of a lot more to consider regarding risk mitigation. I'm expanding my library at the moment by reading Staying Alive in Avalanche Terrain by Bruce Temper. If anyone has a good followup/complement for reads, I'm all ears. Cheers!
Hey there! Moved to the north Idaho area about 4 years ago. Was an avid BC skier before having kids but haven’t been able to get out much as my kids are young. However, this year they are doing ski school at Schweitzer so I am having a few more chances to get some skiing in on my own. Looking forward to learning more about Schweitzer side country/backcountry!
Hey everyone!
I love to see the that there’s a thriving backcountry community in the panhandle! I’m visiting in a few weeks and am stoked to find some touring!!