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Discussion in 'General' started by idsnowghost, Jan 15, 2015.

  1. Hi! It's so great to still see an active forum BC touring!! Can't wait to explore the Panhandle. Thanks!
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  2. Hello all! My fiancé and I just moved to Spokane from Colorado this summer and looking to find some good backcountry routes nearby! We have been backcountry skiing for a few years now. We aren’t looking for anything extreme but just something to get some good exercise for us and our two dogs! Excited to learn more from this website!
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  3. Hey there, new to the forum. This is my second winter living in Sandpoint. Proficient and safe (intermediate+ w/training & gear) in the BC, not super knowledgeable of the area, but digging up what I can. I'm a strong skier (advanced+/expert), happy in any terrain. Poor timing getting in here with all this new rain! I don't have a sled, which seems to be a little limiting out here, but I've got lots of time, will be free most days until late March. Shoot me message and let's plan a trip!

    Also, looks like I just missed the (late) season kick off.. bummer. Hope there is a mid season one:)
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  4. Hi! I'm Sam. I am in the Spokane area for the winter and looking for some good places to get out into the BC for some fresh turns. Originally from Red Lodge, MT but also spent some time down in Salt Lake. Looking forward to exploring this area some more. Great Forum!
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  5. Thanks for putting this site together. I'm a little slow on the uptake and just found you after 7 years here. I spent 20 years skiing back country in Colorado - mostly multi-day hut trips. I'm looking for others to skin up and ski with. I'm past extreme, thrill-seeking but can handle anything. Itching to get out with some others.
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  6. Yee! Happy to have found this group- excited to explore Idaho!
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  7. Excited to learn from this forum!
  8. PowderPanda

    PowderPanda Staff Member

    Liberty Lake, WA
    LoL.. "Zebra Cake". There has to be a story with that name!
  9. Kipp Dixon

    Kipp Dixon

    We just moved to CdA from Alaska and are keen to find some straight-outta-the-car skin tracks! I've been skiing my whole life, my GF picked it up when I met her and now loves it more than me. We'd be stoked to find other young couples looking for some partners on mellow days, gimmie a shout. We also snowkite if there's anyone out there looking for some wind as well.
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  10. Great site! Looking forward to getting into backcountry skiing and split boarding.
  11. Georgeskis


    Hi everyone. This is my second winter here in Sandpoint and I'm looking forward to doing some more backcountry skiing. Glad to have found this site!
  12. Joe Hall

    Joe Hall

    Hey Kipp,
    My partner and I also recently moved from AK. We should try to connect.
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  13. iheartfp


    Hello :) Just moved to the "area" from Montana and looking to get out and explore!

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