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Discussion in 'General' started by idsnowghost, Jan 15, 2015.

  1. Hi all, I'm from Cd'A, and happy to join your online community for backcountry travel and skiing in the Panhandle! Kyle
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  2. Hi everyone! Looks like a strong ski touring community here in the panhandle.
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  3. Emmm


    Hope, Idaho
    Hi, I'm from Hope, Idaho and hoping to read TRs and get out into the local areas!
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  4. I love the site! Been looking for something like this. I'm a North ID native who recently moved back to the area. I spent 8 years in the Summit County, CO area exploring the backcountry and being a lone splitboarder with a group of avid tele skiers. Really excited to explore some of the backcountry around here i.e. Mullan Pass and St. Regis basin! I'm like a kid in a candy store looking at all the graphs and data. Nice work!
  5. This site is fantastic! Im new to the area and a buddy recommended this forum. I got my start touring in the wasatch and im excited to see what the Northwest has to offer. I look forward to learning from you guys and sharing the little knowledge I can.
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  6. Shane Corbin

    Shane Corbin

    Been following this site for some time. Thanks for being such a welcoming community.
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  7. Good Morning to All!
    I am Bill. Avid downhill and telemark skier. I have a question about skiing on Mt Baldy. I have skied/ snowmobiled up there in the past but have used access from either Schweitzer or from Priest Lake side. Does anyone have any info on wether there is access coming from Baldy mountain road. Thanks in advance. Bill
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  8. All WA state sno parks are now closed, which I guess would include Kings Lake. I imagine if you can access the trail system without parking in a sno park, you might be good to go. Would be interesting to have someone with more details weigh in about the closures in general
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  9. idsnowghost

    idsnowghost Staff Member

    Spokane, WA
    If you're talking about Bald Mtn in Sandpoint, I've heard folks access from Baldy Mtn Road in the Spring.

    A lot of private land up that way though. Bald's false summit to the South is state land.
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  10. Thanks.
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  11. Hello! relocating from Seattle area to Sandpoint this fall. Found the site to start learning routes in the region, and meet other BC riders. Cheers!
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  12. POW HEAD



    Still have place in Summit...but soooo glad to not live in CO anymore. Welcome back!
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  13. Great website, just getting started, want to learn more about what its all about.
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  14. Robert Andrus

    Robert Andrus

    Hi, just moved to Moscow area. My partner and I have been backcountry skiing in the west for the past 6-7 yrs. We're excited to learn about backcountry options here in Idaho. Best, Robbie
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  15. What up?! Moving to Sandpoint and looking forward to some fresh pow!
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  16. Hey everyone, this site is an awesome resource and I am excited to see what the Selkirks have to offer in the winter time!
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  17. Jacob G.

    Jacob G.

    Any ideas of good spots to bc around Spokane or Silver Mtn?
  18. AriD


    25+ years Idaho B.C. skiing Sawtooths, Boulders, Smokies, Pios, etc, but might be time for a change of venue. Scope those dream lines by summer, ski 'em by winter...
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  19. Sweet as mate looking forward to coming for a visit
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  20. PowderPanda

    PowderPanda Staff Member

    Liberty Lake, WA
    Search in the tour report forum. Lot's of places. Mt Spokey has an uphill policy, Silver does not.. Back country there is fairly limited and requires good route finding further out. Easy stuff right from the Summit House.

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