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  1. Cool man. Look me up, and let me know if you want to go tour.

  2. Jordan


    Sandpoint, ID
    Will do, thanks! I usually have Sun-Tues free during the week.
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  3. Just moved from the Seattle region. I’ll be in Bonner’s Ferry for the summer and hope to find a place in Sandpoint by Winter.
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  4. idsnowghost

    idsnowghost Staff Member

    Spokane, WA
    Welcome to the area!

    If you're bored some evening and want to get to know the area.. take a drive up one of the drainages off the West Side Rd and let us know where the snow line is? (Myrtle, Trout or Smith Creeks all lead to great Spring skiing)
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  5. Hi
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  6. Just new to this forum - been going to Priest Lake and climbing on the Selkirk Crest for decades with my Dad. Just hit Schweitzer for the first time this winter. Hope to come back and do some touring up there next!
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  7. bdr123


    Hi Everyone - I'm considering a move to Moscow and glad to have found a group that can give insight into backcountry skiing close-by. Happy to hear anyone's thoughts, pros-cons on moving to Moscow as a skier and mtn biker. My background is Logan, UT and San Francisco (mainly skiing in South Lake Tahoe).Thanks!
  8. Moscow Mountain is right there...good mountain biking. Check reports here, there is lots of skiing potential within striking distance of Moscow
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  9. idsnowghost

    idsnowghost Staff Member

    Spokane, WA

    Wallowas are within reach. Most of the Moscow backcountry skiers flock to Freezeout Pass near Clarkia. It seems to be the closest option besides catching a good snow year on Moscow Mtn.
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  10. Hey, new member here from Seattle. Just looking at browsing the terrain in Idaho!
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  11. Aaron_B


    Brand new to Spokane, checking out stuff for next season!
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  12. Hi PHBC. I’m thinking about a ski touring weekend out of sandpoint this winter, looking forward to checking out trip reports.
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  13. Hi everyone, Panda, Ghost.
    Thanks for making/maintaining this site.
    Hoping I can get out this season with experienced b/c riders and skiers...hope to go with (cool) people that know where to go and, you know—not die trying to do it by myself...
    None of my riding partners have any interest in earning turns beyond a hike from the lift or the gas powered lift—so here I am.
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  14. splitsticks


    Hi Guys! I've been following this site for a few years now (mainly for access beta) but never posted anything previously. Having recently moved to Missoula from eastern Montana I figured it's time to join the club! Sorry for the late arrival PowderPanda! Getting stoked for the start of hunting season and snow!

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  15. PowderPanda

    PowderPanda Staff Member

    Liberty Lake, WA

    Welcome Aboard and to Missoula Splitsticks!! 2 more months to snow (or less, cross fingers).
  16. Hello. I'm poaching your site to learn about the regional landscape, thanks for sharing - My biggest question is this: How much of your touring and skiing is bushwhacking and in tight glades?

    Here in VT, things get pretty tight but we're looking to open up. Sandpoint caught our eyes as a possible home base.

    Thanks for your feedback!
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  17. matmaster


    Elk, Wa

    Not too much mandatory bushwacking / tight glades, unless that's what you want. If that's what you're looking for, just keep low :0)
  18. ...widow makers =)
    It seems we might stay east now for the winter and play at our beloved Smuggs. Hopefully we'll check back in the Spring. Have a great season!
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  19. Hey everyone,
    Been skiing at the area resorts for a while and I’m looking to make the switch to the backcountry this year after taking an avy class. Done a little skiing on Moscow mountain while going to school. Looking forward to another great ski season!
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  20. The site looks great. No new to skiing at all but new to back country and looking forward to adding this to my game.

    Welcome to Panhandle Backcountry! (You can introduce yourself in this thread!)

    PanhandleBackcountry is a community of backcountry skiers and splitboarders in North Idaho, Eastern Washington and Northwestern Montana. Thanks for joining us and please participate in our forums where you can organize tours and events, check trip reports and route information, share snowpack observations and conditions, and talk about or trade your gear locally.

    First things first..
    Safe travel in the backcountry is of utmost importance:

    Before you go make sure your group has the skills, knowledge and training to travel in avalanche terrain. Read the local avalanche advisory and always carry a shovel, probe and transceiver (plus cell phone and airbag). Be sure to check out our “Be Avalanche Aware” section with a full list of local avalanche education courses available and other avalanche safety tips and resources:

    Fill out your profile:

    You can do this by clicking on your own username at page header or browsing to:

    Upload an avatar and please fill out your profile as completely as possible, especially the "Training and Experience" section! This gives others an understanding of what level of backcountry experience you have. That way one can properly route find for each individual that may be in a group. Don't forget other sections like what gear you're rocking! Many people have questions about gear and if they see what you use, they may have questions as to what your thoughts on the gear is. Profiles can only be viewed by other logged-in members.

    Get the weather forecast quickly:

    We’ve compiled a list of weather forecasts and resources relevant to backcountry skiing and splitboarding in our area. Browse to to view time-lapse webcams, live weather data, SNOTEL reports, forecasts, radars and more. Local and regional avalanche advisories are also included on this page (as well as right on the homepage!)

    Share a trip report:

    Have you been out lately? Consider sharing your photos, conditions, pit data, beta or story with the rest of the community in the 'Trip Reports' forum. Reports can be as simple as a couple notes on conditions to full epic stories with several photos and video — the more information the better, but anything is helpful! Trip Reports are only viewable to logged in members. Collaborative knowledge can increase all members’ experience in the backcountry!

    Connect with tour partners:

    The backcountry is better with friends! If you’re looking to get out with others post in the 'Tour Partners' forum and link up with others. The more information you include on the tour or partners you’re seeking the better. It’s also a good idea to include your level of training and experience (and an acknowledgement you have the necessary gear) here if you’re new to the community.


    This community was built by a backcountry skier and splitboarder for our peers: skiers and splitboarders. We value suggestions and input from members and use them to shape the future of Panhandle Backcountry accordingly!


    Want a free Panhandle Backcountry sticker to rock on your boards, nalgene or roof box? We have a couple different styles of die cut stickers to share! Send a private message to PowderPanda or me (idsnowghost) with your mailing address, or if local we can make arrangements to meet up. You can also buy stickers directly from our printer here! (we don't set the prices nor get a cut)

    Thanks again for joining us! Please feel free introduce yourself to the community in this thread or ask any questions! Welcome![/quote]
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