What to NOT do for climbing in Exposed Terrain.

Discussion in 'Splitboard Gear' started by PowderPanda, Dec 14, 2015.

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    So, flipping through some vid's on splitboard.com for "How To" vid's, I came across this one for Karakoram.
    I had to relay this info for anyone skinning out and climbing exposed terrain.
    At 6:16 int this video they talk about "Splitboard Chang Over on Exposer". I need to say that the correct and safe way to do this is switch over before you climb or get onto the exposed area, carry your board in ride mode when climbing steep sections you are going to ride and can not skin up. You are not a skier, so carrying your board in ski position on a pack is not advisable when climbing a chute or getting on a knife edge ridge. This is for your safety all the way around, as well as it is not the place to have a mistake or your are down climbing. Additionally, if there is a rider on slope, you loose one of the skis, it can take out the person below you.
    I was surprised they even did this in the video, as it should have a caveat that one would do this prior to climbing up. It goes with proper planning.
    Otherwise, good info if you on using the Karakoram system.


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