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Discussion in 'General' started by huckandchuck, Dec 6, 2017.

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    hey y’all,

    (Sorry if this is a duplicate thread)

    Seriously looking into taking a Wilderness First Responder course this year. Finding limited offerings in the Spokane region (most not available until May-June). Anyone taken a course around here that they’d recommend?

    Also seeing offerings for hybrid courses (online, then field). Any words of caution on that approach. Seems reasonable enough, and saves a bit of coin.

    Any info helps. Cheers. Chris.
  2. Longleaf wilderness medicine offers one in sandpoint on the 8th (as in 2 days away) or one at the end of April. I haven’t taken a WFR online or otherwise so I can’t comment on the course. For ski patrol we use the OEC and we usually have a class in April or may, I will post the dates when we figure them out. The OEC is a longer class and probably a bit more money though.
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    Thanks for the help Skibum. I had seen the Longleaf offering that starts on the 8th, but I’m afraid that I can’t get off my ass and mobilize that fast.

    If you wouldn’t mind posting an update on the OEC when available I would appreciate it. Honestly, that hadn’t been on my radar, but it could be a good avenue. I’m sure that there are others out there who would be interested In that course as well.
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    Thanks Higgins! (BTW... I always envision Higgins from Magnum P.I. when I type your name.. Ha).
  5. I will keep you posted on the OEC. I get the magnum P.I comment a lot and I haven’t ever seen the show! I guess I need to check it out and see what I have to live up to.
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  7. Not sure of all the dates, but I can verify that Longleaf Wilderness puts on a awesome course. I've taken a couple of WFA's and WFR from Jason Luthey who runs Longleaf. Well worth the $$ and time! Look up website and they'll have the dates.
  8. Silver mountain does an oec course as well. They have been doing it at kmc in coeur d Alene usually starting August or September. One evening class per week going till about mid December.

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