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Discussion in 'Touring Partners' started by Linda Roddy, Jan 6, 2014.

  1. Hi, I'm coming up to the Sandpoint area to visit friends, who don't ski unfortunately, and would like to hook up with some folks during my visit (1/15-22/14) to hopefully ski some fresh powder. I have lots of back country experience but don't know the local area.
  2. Linda, keep an eye on your post. There are several Sandpoint area folks who can help you out. We don't have good BC snow yet (very unusual-weatherman says it is going to change starting tommorrow). They'll be seeing your post and hopefully Schweitzer at least will be good. Welcome to Panhandle BC.
  3. Thanks Pete, I will. It does indeed look like you might get some precip before I arrive, hoorah!
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    Liberty Lake, WA
    Carrie Ringo Carlquist is a friend of mine who has a condo there.. She has a crew that does tour there regularly.
    You could send her a FB message and see if she's around (https://www.facebook.com/carrie.ringocarlquist?fref=ts).
    I'll copy this post and send to her as well…

    Not sure where I will be during that week, otherwise I'd jump in as well. I haven't had a chance to tour up there yet.
  5. Thanks P.P. I'll try following up with Carrie. Looks like new snow!
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    Liberty Lake, WA
    This week should be great… We need the snow. But we're better off than other areas of the US!
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  7. Absolutely!
  8. Looks like you got the goods. I'm sorry I'm going to miss the event tonight.
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    Hey Linda, I am new to the area this season and have been trying to gain as much local knowledge as possible. I have been told there is a group that meets every Saturday morning at 7:30am at the bridge outside the set of condominiums that goes over one of the trails. Sorry for the sketchy details, the name of the condos has slipped my mind and it sounds like many of the locals know about this group. I do not get up there on Saturdays so the details were not of great importance. You should be able to ask around, the good news is you have a few days to recon the location. Good luck, I try to get out there a few times a week. I hit it Mon and Tues and the wind has done a number. I hope your brought more snow!
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  10. Thank you Jason for the info. I did have a great day in the back country today.
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