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Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Caleb, Nov 9, 2020.

  1. I like this gear but need to get rid of it!
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    Scarpa Rush 27.5 314mm bsl $100
    I bought these used for a few hundred bucks as a back up boot and only used a couple times. Great walking shoe that skis ok... super comfy intuition liners and i just realized how untouched the soles were!! Dare I say “hardboot experiment” for you split boarders???

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    Atomic Backland Carbon 28.5 308 mm Bsl $150
    Here we have some dirty torn up touring boots I have quite a love affair with. The gators are pretty torn up so i added the soft black tongues last year (only used once or twice) to keep snow out, keep the range of motion, and add some added safety if skiing without the stiff tongues in. The pivot still feels like it has a couple seasons left in it. Definitely used and abused but I’m pretty sure spare parts are still available for purchase. (These boots really shouldn’t be trusted with frame bindings even though it has been witnessed)
    Osprey Kamber 42 $100 With Helmet Carry M/L
    Really great pack I’m reluctant to let go of but have too many! Really great pack for hut trips! With The removable lid a person can carry a heavy load into a camp and pretty easily slim the pack down for day skiing leaving the lid behind. It’s a pretty smart pack with every ski/board carry option known to man. insulated hydration option. Left hip pocket needs a new zipper pull, besides that its in excellent shape and is hardly used.


    Black Diamond Dawn Patrol 25 M/L $40 (helmet carry)
    Great little touring or resort pack. Right side got sucked into a sled track and could use a little stitching. Hydration and Avalung ready.

    PM for details or contact info. Buy it all for $300!

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