For Sale Update SOLD: Prior Backcountry Split 165cm $250obo

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by PowderPanda, Sep 3, 2020.

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    UPDATE: SOLD 10/25/20 to @LikesToGoFaSt Yah Kenny!! Make sure you tell us about the Phantom Slippers when ya get them ripping!!

    Ok, here is another one of my babies. This is the Prior BC split, custom built in Whistler.
    This board is not an REI built board, this is from the Whistler factory.
    As always, I had the base done professional. There were two hits on the edge that I had cut out and repaired.
    The one edge with the darker green repair did have the edge crack. It is a perfect cut that did not blow out, which was repaired a few years back and holding very strong.
    There is one small indentation at the tip on the edge, due to it falling over when setting against a car. It does not impact the ride ability of this board. That's the only reason why this board is so cheap.
    This is a super fun board with a early rise tip and tail, camber center, and twin freeride shape.

    This board has K-Clip at the top and bottom is the regular hooks. This is a trick I do to my boards to allow for a bit stiffer ride and super quick as opposed to 2 k-clips on each end.

    starts at CAD$949.00 CAD
    The Backcountry Split (BC Split) has been refined over the years but is the original Freeride shape designed by Chris Prior in the early 90’s; the BC Split is a classic example of a true, all mountain shape that maintains its role in the line as the workhorse of the fleet.

    Its directional Freeride shape delivers a smooth, stable ride in a variety of different snow conditions and the Hybrid Rocker Profile only adds to its versatility; rocker in the nose and tail for turn initiation and float while maintaining traditional camber underfoot for added stability, rebound and edgehold. With minimal taper, the BC Split provides both power and drive on edge while allowing the playful rider to land or ride switch.

    IMG_2059.jpg IMG_2059.jpg IMG_2060.jpg IMG_2061.jpg IMG_2062.jpg IMG_2063.jpg IMG_2064.jpg IMG_2065.jpg IMG_2061.jpg IMG_2062.jpg IMG_2063.jpg IMG_2064.jpg
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  2. Hi
    Do you still have the board?
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    Argh... @Charlesag Sorry I have updated. Just sold it this last weekend.
    I do still have the Burton Dump Truck split available.


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