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Discussion in 'General' started by Sawtooth Tiger, Nov 27, 2020.

  1. Hi folks.

    Yup, I'm a newbie to the backcountry.
    I'm looking forward to my aire 1 course this year and partnering up.

    In my travels I spotted a slope from I90 unusually devoid of trees. Its got what seems to be a beautiful sustained 40 degree pitch thats treeless!!

    I instantly thought it would be such a fun slope to try and ski.

    I'm sure im not the first to think of this pitch...but I dont know anything about it.
    I attached a screeshot from Google earth with coordinates.
    Its on the north side of I90 just before mile marker 44 in MT.

    1) is it private property?
    2) have people skinned and skied it before?
    3) would anyone be willing to try it with me after it gets snow and I get my level 1 course done?
    4)Am I way off base with these questions?
    5) what other similar slopes could you point me to if that one isn't possible?

    Thanks a bunch for your input. Screenshot_20201127-155223_Earth.jpg Screenshot_20201127-155223_Earth.jpg
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  2. idsnowghost

    idsnowghost Staff Member

    Spokane, WA
    Bald Hill?

    The bottom/run out is private property, but mostly public. Brian Story out of Missoula skied it a few years back in a fat season.

    I'm not sure I'd be eyeing it as my first big objective after a Level 1 though.. slopes opposite side of freeway from Lookout Pass are a great place to hone your skills and still get some great turns! Locals call it the "training grounds".
  3. PowderPanda

    PowderPanda Staff Member

    Liberty Lake, WA
    Also, that's on the dry side there.. as noted by @idsnowghost, would need to be a fat season. I drive by that several times a year and see it holding enough snow just a handful of times.
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  4. Cool, thanks for the info.
    With this being a la Nina year...im hoping it'll be a fat year like you mentioned.

    I spend quite a bit of time staring at the slopes opposite lookout. Im sure ill be there soon enough.
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