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  1. Well, I was raised in E WA and N ID. We have been settled in W WA for a number of years and are finally coming home. I think the only thing that will have me looking back this way are the volcanoes. I’ve skied every month for over 2 years now. Hardly anything to brag about to some of the TAY folks over on the west side but it’s been a great challenge and a lot of fun. There is always something to slide on up there - the hard part is not letting a “normal” summer life sidetrack your monthly trek to the snow (no matter how long the hike or how dirty the snow it may be.)
    Anybody out there manage to keep a streak alive in the Panhandle area? I expect some driving no matter what, just wondering if there are any others out there. My short streak as been fun, and if it went away I wouldn’t cry (too much). But, if anyone has some real nice secrets for some Aug/Sept/Oct turns I’m all ears.
    Hope everyone is enjoying the slush and here’s to a few more powder days before we put away the sticks for a few months (maybe).
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    The most obvious options to keep at TAY alive.. if you don't mind a little driving are Glacier National Park in Montana or Kokanee Glacier Park up in BC. There's a decent sized group of TAY skiers out of Missoula that ski Glacier once a month into the Fall.

    I'm on about a 3 1/2 year streak here locally, no glaciers or volcanoes. Skiing in late summer is purely novelty on small snow patches. @k.p0w is close behind with a couple years down. Luckily the past few years we've had skiable storms in September(!!) and October to help things out.
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    YuP.. I will say, with some due diligence, the snow (patches) can be found for TAY here.. @idsnowghost is a testament to that!
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  4. Thanks guys. Great to hear there are options! And it’s also good to see that there are a few others on here doing the same out there. I don’t mind snow patches, they don’t hide as many land mines as the glaciers and snowfields. I’ll keep my eyes open as the summer goes on as to where the shady north slopes are hiding the last bits of winter. I’ll see you guys out there. Thanks again!
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  5. k.p0w


    Yup. 2 years 5 months and counting. All local turns thanks to @idsnowghost He’s a bit of a legend ;-)
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