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Discussion in 'General' started by Anniejane, Feb 23, 2023.

  1. Coming in blind from Stevens Pass. Looking for touring beta on Mullan/Lookout pass. Psyched to respectfully get out in the North Idaho pow! Thank you guys!
  2. Easiest and safest, given our current avy conditions (bad), would be on Lookout Pass. On the other side of the freeway from Lookout Pass ski area. I would not recommend St. Regis Basin as the terrain is complex and we just went through a huge wind event. Its popular, so you'll see other people or tracks.
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  3. Thank you for the thoughtful reply! Come to Stevens Pass and we'll show you the goods!
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    The other that is pretty easy access is Willow West, taking last Mullan exit, left on Atlas, right on Friday Ave, stay right as it turns into Willow Creek Road. Drive to the end, be mindful of neighbors drive ways and park. If you are using a mapping system, follow the road up to the toilet, head up to Willow West.. there is a logging road leads up from there. Google Earth you can see it predominantly. It's a bit of a climb though as opposed to the easy slope on the North side of Lookout pass. As @Tiny World world noted, the terrain to the South of Lookout is sick... but very complicated, taking good route finding technique. Also note, without use of the resort chairlift, the tour back is long and arduous .


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