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Discussion in 'General' started by PowderPanda, Apr 24, 2017.

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    So, is no one touring out there with the copious amounts of snow? Let us know what's you're seeing and share some pix!!
    I def post the tours I think you'd be interested in, just not the simple Glidden Ridge ones that many of us have done a zillion times.. (Cause it's awesome funess! LoL)

    This Spring is going to be great! Also, if you are going to Thompson pass, post your tour in. During IDSnowGhost and my tour, we tried a new route which sucked (see TR). But I think we all are wondering if there is a better access to the Granite peak.

    Anyway.. Get out there and enjoi this bounty of snow we have. It's gonna be a long Spring season!

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  2. Mostly touring around Missoula, actually almost exclusively around the bowl since it closed, but I've been posting everything that is in the forum's interest area up here. I'm really surprised that nobody was posting any trip reports during the winter.
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