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  1. Howdy all! We have finally become a member of this great website! We are your one stop shop for all your splitboard needs and questions. We have been keeping it split since 2000 and are here to help everyone get involved in splitboarding! Check us out and feel free to ask any questions, we are here to help!
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    Super Stoked to get these guys on the site!
    As PanhandleBackcountry has grown, we have a huge community of splitboarders, many who are just getting out and unsure of things. The Splitboardshop has great deals on things you'll need without breaking the bank!!

    Thank you SplitboardShop!
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  3. Thanks @PowderPanda ! Our goal has always been to get people involved without having to feel like they are buying a car or stuck with something they don't like! So keep an eye on our used page, and reach out with any questions! We also do custom splits if you want to have your old board cut!
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