Thank you Mike and Larry

Discussion in 'General' started by huckandchuck, Jun 28, 2018.

  1. huckandchuck


    Bro-brah disclaimer: the following post is likely to be a straight D5 avalanche of emotion.

    I just wanted to drop a quick line and say thank you, Mike and Larry, from the bottom of my heart for creating this website. Through it I have met life long friends that i never would have encountered otherwise. I am so grateful to have shared the skin track with those that I have met through this site. My life has been enriched by countless high fives/fist bumps, hoots and hollers that I’ll remember for the rest of my days.

    I’m about to make a migration West to Oly, and am going to miss the hell out of Spokane and those I have come in contact with. Thanks again for the laughs/memories everyone. Always nothing but the best! Cheers! Chris.

    If anyone is looking for a Cascades/Olympics base camp hit me up. I’ll have the couch dialed for ya. (And I fully expect reciprocity when the fluff stacks up over here. Ha!)
  2. k.p0w


    Dude. I would like to echo that statement. THANK YOU MIKE AND LARRY! And also, mi casa es su casa. And also, does that couch offer come with free beer and snacks (specifically canned tuna)? If so, I'll consider visiting ;-)
  3. Ditto what these guys have said about Mike and Larry!

    So bummed that you’re leaving the area Chris, but stoked to have another reason to explore the Cascades! Guest bedroom always available here for ya bud.
  4. PowderPanda

    PowderPanda Staff Member

    Liberty Lake, WA
    WoW Chris,
    You are truly going to be missed. Your sarcasm, quick wit, shining personality and your full on kamikaze ski technique (Kodak courage for anything to get it!! Haha)
    As mentioned above, you are always welcome here and a couch open for you. Please know you are also more then welcome to get on here, live vicariously through the others and post your distaste for having to ski Cascade Cement.
    That said, I’d love to hit St Helens sometime!!
    All the best bud, hope the West side is good to you!!
  5. idsnowghost

    idsnowghost Staff Member

    Spokane, WA
    Missed this post originally, Chris.

    As Larry said, you're going to be missed! I think everyone in the community enjoyed your precense on the skin track. Thank you for the kind words and all the support you've given Panhandle Backcountry over the years.

    Looking forward to volcano season next year, maybe we can link up for a trip!

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