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  1. Anybody got any good ideas for a tour with good corn? Preferrably under a 2 hour drive for me. As you guys might have noticed, been really hot & stormy for last couple of days and it doesn't look very good for next 2 nights. There is some hope for saturday night with a weird forecast(lowering snow levels in the morning, maybe as low as 4k' in heavy showers), but still warm. I thought maybe somebody here has some local knowledge about places that freeze easily in late spring when the atmosphere doesn't really favor freezing, I'd really like to ski some nice snow before next week.
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    Word bird,
    my guess won't be much corn this weekend unless the levels drop. Alas, there are lots of places near Missoula distance wise, but access will not be that fast. Add another 2 or more hours to get to the area from the parking spot.

    I'm wondering if the road to Cliff Lake is open. That place rocks.
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  3. Just gonna put all my effort into celebrating my birthday. Seems like extremely high elevations of Bitterroots & Missions will freeze, but I am definitely not up for the task tomorrow(and neither are any of the Missoula locals that I know, tomorrow). Looks like there might be a bit of new graupel/thundersnow falling around these parts pretty soon too, I guess it's a smart thing to not got skiing after this kind of weather. However, I would say at this point I'm pretty stoked for Monday, looks like a sunny day with almost everything freezing after a cool Sunday.
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  4. Looks like I wasn't wrong, it's raining everywhere near Missoula this morning, except for warm & dry Sapphires :(
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  5. Anybody wants to ski this week?
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    Yes but going to be a rain day that I'll get off.

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