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  1. Hey all, does anyone know if the road to the trailhead is clear? This weekend is looking promising with weather so far (Sunday especially) and I'm thinking about venturing out that way. Been hitting up Koot Pass a lot and Im looking forward to a shorter drive with some epic spring skiing!

    Is is best to approach from the trailhead even if the road isn't snow free??

    Always looking for ski partners if anyone is interested. Will probably be 2 of us out there this weekend if weather holds true. Happy spring turns to all!
  2. I was considering going west to Lookout area, but really won't know if I can commit a day or two this weekend until later this week, it all depends on how fast my paper gets written. But will definitely keep this in mind.
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  3. matmaster


    Elk, Wa
    The road is still snow bound so you still have to walk from near the freeway overpass. I don't think it's much more than a mile to walk to the trailhead(s). You should go for it! Conditions are excellent up there right now, but bring the ski crampons.
  4. It's looking like Sunday is going to be a go with weather! Gonna shoot to get to the parking area around 730. Would love to get on some of the N facing shots off of the peak. Excited to scope out some new terrain! Lemme know if you want to link up
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  5. PowderPanda

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    Liberty Lake, WA
    Did you get out there Dougie? Sunday was last day at The Schizz, so hit that. Beautiful day!
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  6. It was a perfect day! We hit the Stevens area but didn't ski from the peak BC of all the debris and monster cornices. Took a handful of laps on the fun N facing terrain surrounding the Stevens lakes. Still plenty of snow to ski most of the way back to the car!

    I was wondering where ppl ski off of Thompson Pass. Was thinking about venturing out that way with the wife this weekend. Enjoy the spring turns!!
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  7. 11415-MMS-1492615360000-attachment1-0416171204.jpeg
    Basically ready to go. A couple places you can get in right now, I think almost everything should be good to go in 2 or 3 weeks when the cornices drop or stabilize more. Hopefully we get a little new snow & rain to fix the debris in a lot of places.

    We didn't end up skiing any of the chutes because we were running a little late. I think the approach by the creek would be the fastest at this point, there is a break in the cornice line to gain the ridge line south of the lake by bootpacking.

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    Generally the best route is to gain the dividing ridge sometime before the end of the road to TH and drop in once you hit the lakes. Puts you above avy terrain in all directions. Exit navigates around cliff bands. Careful route finding or someone who's been are a good idea. Got other plans this weekend or I'd join you!
  9. raynord22


    The plan is to arrive at the pass around 7:30AM, FYI, in case anyone is heading that way and wants to meet up out there.
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    Yo Dev... I'd head out there too, but have plans this weekend. I need to post a trip report for Mike and I. The best way to go is what Mike noted, take the road out and just before the trailhead (you'll know as the road just ends). Head up the East flank ridge (on your left). It is the most direct and simplest access. That said, not a bad idea to have ski crampons.
    Also, the access out takes good route finding, also noted by Mike. As there are cliff bands down low between the lake and the road. Oh, and I personally wouldn't be on the lake. LoL It freaked me out man!!!

    Skiing there is ALL time!
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  11. raynord22


    Thanks, I had already packed the ski crampons just in case. Haha. I have that area downloaded with a few different overlays on Gaia with hiking tracks recorded from the parking lot to Blossom and Rivett so that should help finding a good route back. I have no intention of going on the lake, haha, that's a risk too easily avoided. Thanks again.
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