Spring Missions and Objectives?!

Discussion in 'General' started by Caleb, Mar 24, 2019.

  1. The 2019 corn season has arrived. I want to hear about everyone’s spring objectives! Nearby or far away? Couloirs or glaciers? Backcountry pond skims?! Canada or the cascades? Glacier park or the east Sierra ? Volcanoes ? Long distance traverses?

    My daydreams currently include...

    The Enchantments

    The grizzly couloir up the cda river

    Mt Hood

    The North east face of Mt. Adams

    Bockman peak in the cabinets!

    Winter might be over but peak bagging season is here!
  2. IMG_5049.JPG Anything that does not look like this yet!

    The Seven Devils is definitely on the hit list as usual.
  3. PowderPanda

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    @bigz .. Where's the Grizzly Couloir??
  4. I have only seen it once and it was horrifying! It was just outside of the snow park up the cda river. This larger than life man who was 400 plus pounds was attempting to load his Yamaha bravo on his tilt deck trailer. Everytime he would bend over to push the deck down the grizzly Couloir would appear! AAAAAHHHH

    I have know clue on the grizzly! It's the first I have heard of it. Caleb, where is this thing???
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  5. Oh @bigz! . It’s a different kind of massive butt crack up the north fork! Grizzly mountain is just shy of 6k with a pretty lovely looking south gully. Looking north from Kellogg peak at silver it’s pretty prominent. I’m sure it’s been ridden before... but you don’t know until you go!
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  6. Cool Cool!
  7. I'm down for anything , but am only free on weekends. Mt Roberts (adjacent to RED mtn) has a dreamy looking couloir that's on my hit list.
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  8. EACB539E-FD0F-4F60-A01D-BC17C11D479F.jpeg April pow is making me wish I didn’t have a job. The shelf life of this fresh snow is so short . Sherman pass is looking good!
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  9. The grizzly couloir is looking pretty good.
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