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    I get questions about split boards all the time.. What's the best board, how do they ride, do they hold an edge on hard pack?

    What is the best board... It is what ever you like! Honestly, they all have something that may be different, but work for some people and not for others. If you look at the main splitboard manufactures, they have a full line of boards for different types of riding, just like the solid versions. Freestyle All Mtn, Big Mtn for chutes & pow, to Big mtn straight pow (ex: swallow tail style board).

    Of the splits I have ridden, each ride very similar to a solid, if not the same. From the All Mtn Freestyle board to big mtn pow boards. Even taking them on groomers in-bounds and railing turns...
    I have one preference though, some camber under foot with rocker on tip/tail. Main reason for this is when I am in-bounds on a groomer or firm spring snow, I can carve an edge when needed.

    I know you hear this a lot.. but try to demo if you can. I know this is easier said than done, especially with splits.. But if you know someone.. ask to borrow theirs. Just remember, they are a significant investment all together, so take care of it. Go ahead and ride it in-bounds and hit the stuff you usually do.

    The best thing about a split... the fact that if you have your BC gear and you're at the resort, you see the stuff beyond the ropes.. You can do it and get back without a nasty boot pack out!! LoL Thank god those days are over..

    I now ride my splits for everything... Resort days, BC, to Heli time..

    I have been fortunate enough to ride a lot of different boards.. like a women with shoes. If you ever have a question for me, feel free to ask!

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