For Sale Sold!!!!!!! Dalbello Sherpa 7/3 Touring boots - Sz 28.5

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Brett Gombasy, Nov 26, 2020.

  1. Everyone-
    I would like to send out a pair of well loved, but still perfectly good touring boots to someone who could put them to use instead of taking space in my garage!
    they are as listed. Dalbello/intuition liners with one bake. The boots are about 8 years old but still work like a charm. I just got something stiffer.
    can arrange meet up in Spokane valley! Cold 6 packs of tasty brewed beverages also accepted as trade! 22833A20-3CE4-4519-BE58-B8272DB0EEA9.jpeg F9FD0BBC-1017-4EE8-96B2-FB6BFB3D99B2.jpeg
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  2. Brett, if these are still available would love them! And happy to trade a six pack ;) free to pick them up this weekend. Thanks for sharing the stoke!
  3. They’re all yours. I’ll PM you shortly and we can arrange pick up.

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