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  1. Im considering purchasing a used sled for the sole purpose of accessing backcountry ski terrain. Does anyone have any advice on any type of sled that should or should not be considered? Is it worth the cost, maintenance and hauling of a sled? I have seen some amazing terrain in the summer while hiking a mtb but its simply to long of a approach for me. Any advice would be appreciated.

    Let the snow dancing begin, I guess they already have.
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    I’m sure you’ll get some good advice from others on here but for me personally I love having one for backcountry access around here. I never saw myself as a “sled neck”, but after buying one to use for backcountry skiing I have zero regrets. I never even drive it off road. I just use it as an extension of my truck to get me to the trailheads. It opens up a lifetime of ski opportunities around here, even staying on the roads. I only spent $3500 on mine and it has been 100% reliable for the past 4 years. Also, when you get one, make sure you save up for a MoPro ski rack for the tunnel.
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  3. From a Polaris standpoint, a 2008-2010 rmk/dragon 700 with a 155 or in the case of the dragon a 163 track. These sleds can go for a long time compared to the same year that in an 800. Also have reverse which is nice. 2500-4000 usually. Look for something sub 2000 miles. You won’t really put on that many miles when you use it for access. Ask the seller if it was stored inside, this is key. Also how they prepped it for off season. For a bit more $, say 5000 -6500 look for a 2013 or newer Polaris pro 600. These are usually wife sleds but the rip.

    I like a long track, 163 for when we load up the tunnel with winter camping gear or tandem it into a hut. The extra float is nice.
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  4. Thanks for the advise on the sleds and ski rack guys. I hope to post my BC access rig soon.
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    I ran a home made rack on my sled for a season or so.. it was definitely a huge upgrade when I got a MoPro ski rack. It's light, and best of all super quick to put skis on and off. It's always nice to optimize things as you can, since you're already adding a whole other layer to your day using a machine to access.
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  6. I really like my mopros rack too but dang if they aren’t pricey. They do beef up the tunnel strength and I’ve yet to lose anything off the back, something my DIY riding buddies can’t claim. Just picked up an additional sled and dealing with the sticker shock of outfitting it with a rack.
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