Skinning in the Selkirks

Discussion in 'General' started by BluebirdDaze, Apr 10, 2020.

  1. Hey All

    New member but been riding backcountry in the Selkirks north of Sandpoint for a while. Wondering if anyone knows of any cool features like Pencil Chute out there. Be safe.
  2. matmaster


    Elk, Wa
    Gypsy Peak and Molybdenite Mountain both have some chutiness. The rocks in the Cabinets seem to form better couloirs than the Selkirks. Google Earth is your friend!
  3. teledance


    N. ID
    I've mentioned this before from the West Fork Trailhead look across at Smith Pk there is a avy area I've always wanted to ride it's definitely a spring only ski but it would be sweet.
  4. 01B7179A-6F81-49A5-8BE9-E29A67CE4C03.jpeg Casey pic from last week. Lookers left from the top is a nice flank.
  5. 5F2CD369-C656-49BB-B088-599E366ACC2E.jpeg 9FEF117C-6C58-4F09-A359-6223DF47E398.jpeg Not the selkirks but I figured I’d throw this out there... it would be so cool if someone rode it but I’m not sure it’s possible. These pictures are from December... on the trail up to little spar lake.
  6. I'm always down for some tight chutes and questionable decisions. PM me.
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    Damn @Caleb that's a pinner! Nice. Would be interesting.
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