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Discussion in 'Touring Partners' started by Ben Jordan, Mar 15, 2018.

  1. Hey everyone,

    Spring is on its way! More sun, longer days, warm temps, increased rounding and stability, and glorious corn! I’m still relatively new to the area (coming from CO), and figuring out the melt-freeze cycle here. I'd be stoked to get out the next couple of weekends in the inland NW, but as spring/summer gets here, I'm hoping to spend more time up high on the big peaks!

    I am looking for some ski mountaineering partners for this spring. Please hit me up if you are planning to ski any volcanos or take any trips over to the W side to ski in the Cascades, Goat rocks, Tatoosh, etc. I have a level II avy cert, crevasse rescue training, and lots of ice/rock climbing experience. However, I have only skied on glaciers and around crevasses a handful of times, but I’m so stoked to ski Rainer, Baker, Stuart, Adams, Glacier, Bonanza, Olympus, Hood, etc!!

    Let’s get out!

    Ben Jordan
  2. Hey Ben,
    I'll probably be looking for a partner for some spring missions. Lived in Jackson and Steamboat for many years and only been in Spokane for a few so most of my ski buddies for bigger trips fly in from WY or CO. Once the weather shapes up I'd like to make it back up to Canada to give the north face of Stanley Peak, amongst a few other steep spring beauties, a go. Cascade pass has some beautiful zones that I'm interested in and I'd love to get some more volcano descents this May/June. If your interested, I'd be down to hit up Stevens peak sometime in April (if it ever starts to clear up) to get acquainted and get a tour in before talking bigger objectives. Also down to grab beers anytime and talk skiing.

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  3. PowderPanda

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    Liberty Lake, WA
    Glacier National Park in NW MT has superb spring descent once the pass opens!!
  4. If you're still around this season I am game to join yah. Fellow transplant from Northern NM, very used to Colorado type ski-mo. Want to find something similar up here
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