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  1. I have a dilemma here that some feedback would be nice for. I'm on G3 ions, my skis are 106 underfoot. G3 crampons come in 105 mm and 130mm. Could I get the 105s and alter them to fit? Don't want to go 130 unless I have to. Advice, comments are welcome.
  2. I would peruse TGR, but I suspect 105 is the answer. Using my 120mm dynafiddle cramps on my 97mm skis wasn't awesome the one time I did it...

    Maybe go fondle a pair (ha!) at mountain gear to see if they'll bend. It is just 1 mm. I've got 110mm dynafit brakes on my 116mm skis
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    Hey nick. I agree with Brandon - the 105s are likely the ticket. If it helps I have the 130s for my ions (to fit my 116 underfoot EHPs). You're welcome to take a peek at them if you can't get your hands on them at Mountain Gear. Just give me a shout.

    Btw- those crampons are sweet! Sooooo easy to get on and off while clicked into your planks. I love them!
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    Ski crampons generally don't have much bend unlike ski brakes. It's going to be a tight fit. Crampons sit a little forward of the true waist of the ski so you might have some clearance. I'd buy somewhere you can return easily.
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