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  1. Jeff, Jubil, Steve and I skied Silver today. Reported 7 in. since closed Sun and this was probably accurate. Skied between 2 and 5 in. depending on where you were. Had 4 days to settle the 7 inches.

    Chair 4 was ugly, windblown sketchy skiing. Chair 2 was ok and really pretty decent in AM, South of Border was ok but had to be careful as it is still early season. Trees were better but still have to pick your line and watch where your turning etc. Did find some good little patches here and there.

    Had a good time. The new run next to Rendezvous was really unskiable, logs across run, limbs etc. They cut the run and left the trees etc. where they fell. Silver Mt. usual stuff. It will take at least 6 feet more snow to ski this new run.
  2. Silver on Friday. Better about 4 inches more snow. found some nice, actually very nice powder on So. Border. Bad visibility on top, skied Northstar etc. along the trees and was pretty good. Saw Mike flying down Northstar while I was in chair - still skiing great.
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    Must of been my double, wasn't up there today. Good to hear it was better than Thursday!
  4. Well I'll be, great skier really fast down the fall line, effortless and a Green Jacket. Your double?

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