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  1. Hey Panhandle peoples, it looks like I'll be down covering SIA next week. I'll be pretty busy working there but if there is any of next year's gear you want me to check out or grab photos of just let me know and I'll do my best to get some info. I'll definitely be looking at Atomic/Salomon's new tech binding and new boot lines, and I've heard rumors of some other cool stuff so just let me know what you want to see!
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    Oh man... Lucky Cyd!!!
    Is be like a kid in a candy store!!

    If ya see anything innovative in Splitboard world... Then any cool touring stuff.
    Oh, I saw a blip about a few new Avy air bags coming out besides BD Jetforce. A strap on ABS also there's a new design using two a small cylinders.

    Have fun!!!
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    Be interested to see photos of G3's other pin/tech bindings coming out next year. I think a couple other companies will have new binding offerings too, if you see any... I did see Dynafit is licensing out their tech, and I think I remember hearing they had an interesting boot out next year?

    Fischer Profoil (water proof climbing skin) looks interesting too.

    Looking forward to seeing your photos, Cy! Have a great trip!
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  4. So, been super busy working but I managed to fondle a lot of gear including the kingpins and some new skins from Rossi that are really ineresting.

    I also managed to snag next year's spark R and D brochure if anyone wants anything from that
  5. I havent heard of the new Rossi skins. What are they?
  6. What are they like?*
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  7. Ok, I messed up organizing my photos, actually from Fischer. They don't have hair, it's more like a plastic skin with a small fish-scale pattern kind of molded in to it. I'm trying to include a picture but we'll see if it works.

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    Interesting indeed!!

    By the way Cyd.. I hear you got published!! Can you send us a pic/link and we'll get that on here!!!
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  9. So, gear:

    Both Atomic and Salomon have new boot lines that range from super random/light to burly/chargier, Atomic also has a tech binding. I'm also not sure if this is new but next year's guardian has a sliding AFD so you should be able to use it with more boots, not just alpine and WTR soles.

    BD has poles with a scraper to keep your top-sheets free of snow, to keep your skis lighter, as well as pants with a special beacon pocket.

    Line has a new Sick Day that's built for touring, as well as a line of skins. (made by the same euro manufacturer that does K2's skins. Also, had a huge talk with Dan Brown of line, they've got some sweet skis that are starting to cater to wards an older/less park oriented audience while still maintaining that playful feel

    DPS has a line of super light touring skis.

    ON3P has the same Steeple 102 and 112 line up, both super sweet skis, although I may be a little biased toward ON3P (seriously good people to buy your skis from)

    I have the whole Spark R&D catalogue if anyone wants pics. I don't know jack about splitboarding so I just asked them what you guys would care about. They have high-backs with adjustable forward lean that can switch into a walk mode that allows them to swing backward as well as forward. They also have a new puck system that they are super stoked about. One trend I saw on the snowboard side was a lot of options to throw Dynafits on your split board, as well as a lot of wacky, swallow tail and funky looking pow board split boards.

    Yeah Panda, thanks, I did! I got a shot in the Ski Journal's latest issue, kind of a park shot but the article and the event are super rad, actually would be sick to get some Panhandle BC people out there this year. Beartooth is super rad and there is a ton of touring to be done around it, as well as a lot of great people and good beer at the event. Also, the article is by David Steele who does some gnarly mountaineering and touring. I can't find a web link and I haven't gotten my issue yet but I snapped a pic at the ON3P booth, I think I need to stop using my middle initial since my first published photo has my name spelled wrong, haha.


    Finally, I saw some wacky stuff, here's a piece I did on some of the stupider stuff I found:

    Sorry for the mega post, I'm just still stoked on the show, haha
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    Nice work and congratulations, Cy! I'll have to pick up a copy and check it out. Beartooth has been on the list for many summers now, maybe this is the year we'll get a crew together and do it.

    Met David Steele when we were skiing up at Logan Pass last July, real nice guy.

    Thanks again for sharing the info from SIA.
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  11. Bumping because I'm at SIA again, covering it for Blister Review this time. Keep an eye on the site, we'll have articles on new gear, with a lot of focus on touring stuff, as well as a podcast or two from the show.

    Again, if there is anything you guys want me to check out, let me know in this thread and I'll do my best!
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    If there's something new tech wise for Splitboards. Would love to see what's moving forward.
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    New skins? Saw G3 has more new, along with a new fishscale skin tip? Fold flats. (Yay for less bulky skins) Any others got new skins at the show?

    And I guess any new and exciting AT gear in general? Boots, binders, skis.

    Thanks cy! Have fun!!
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  14. First. Get better! I'm looking at coming home to tour a bit in northern Idaho in a month or two....

    G3 fish scale tip got me hyped! Yep, it folds flat, should glide better, might be more durable, might weigh more, we need to get some in hand to review...

    BD wasn't there so no news from them, I checked them out at OR though and didn't see anything super rad.

    Fischer Traverse boot is sexy, lighter than the backland carbon, taller cuff, insane walk mode, the whole nine yards, I have a pair now, we'll see how they ski probably Thursday.

    Blizzard ZeroG boot is basically competitive with the MTN Lab, should see how that skis soon.

    Salomon QST Boot takes some design notes from the MTN Lab and puts 4 buckles on it.

    MTN Explore now available for women (Yay!)

    Binders is super boring, kingpin is the same, beast is the same, Ion gets a new heel since the old one sucks massively. According to a buddy the Radical 2.0 is the best thing ever, need to get my hands on some of those...

    Kitten Factory Tours Lite makes me all hot and bothered, super light, fun shape. Google the company, it's interesting

    New ON3P Steeple line is tight, get both and have the ultimate touring quiver for some people

    Two competitors to the Day Wrecker coming out this year, one from Kitten Factory that is carbon and uses a tech toe, and one called the Day Maker that uses a four bar pivot design. I don't know if anyone here cares about that sort of stuff though.

    Keep an eye on Blister for more in depth looks at everything, and let me know if you have questions about anything!
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