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  1. oldguy


    Just bought new at boots from deals and big selection of light weight gear. Other places I have got great deals are at on there site you can change the pricing to US dollars but put the item into cart and fill out the shipping info to US to find out the price with out the EU vat. And also
    Have fun shopping!! btw if you buy call your credit card company to let them know your buying over seas so your card its't locked

    IMG_3514.JPG IMG_3516.JPG
    866 grams size 28 mondo or 1 lb 15.1 oz IMG_3514.JPG
    ski binding and boot weight is 4 lbs 13 oz
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  2. Dr. Go

    Dr. Go

    Looking for a little more support Mike? Are those lighter than your old ones? I am going to have to step up my game
  3. oldguy


    Half a pound per foot. They have split board gear too. Hoping to get back out in a couple of weeks. Need all the advantage I can get.
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