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  1. Hey, I am just getting started on some short tours this year. I am going to be skiing on last year's K2 Shreditor 112 in a 189. Right now I am thinking about mounting them up with Binding Freedom inserts so that I can swap between Attack 13's for resort days and Dukes for tour days. Does this sound like a good idea? Does anyone have any experience installing the inserts? I was planning on doing it myself but I am a little sketched out since these skis are brand new.

    Also, if I do get dukes, my bsl is 318, this means I can fit in a small or large duke. Right now I am leaning toward small for less weight, does anyone have any opinions?

  2. Mike T

    Mike T

    at 318 sole length, I'd go with the small, since the smalls go up to 325.
    If you are going to run with Dukes (as opposed to tech bindings) for your touring days, why bother swapping bindings around? Dukes are actually pretty good inbounds...
    I've never used the inserts, so I have no input there. My first question would be about the Tyrolia vs Marker screw patterns. Assuming the screw patterns are not identical (I'm not sure there), you'll want to be sure the inserts won't overlap. It would SUCK to start putting holes in a new ski, only to find out halfway through that the holes are interfering with each other.
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  3. Ok, so. These are pretty much my only skis for the year. They will be used for mostly crud busting inbounds some park, some pow and maybe 7-10 tour days (hopefully more but who knows) This means that 80% of the time I will be not be using any kind of tour feature. I figured my best bet is to use the alpine bindings for this and then next year buy some dedicated tour sticks. Then I can throw the Dukes on the touring skis and have a solid AT setup and an inbounds setup.

    Also, I have thought through the hole issue. I am mounting the attacks at like -2 from true center so I figured I can push the ducks a little ways back and hopefully not have any issues.

    Any input?

  4. Mike T

    Mike T

    Gotcha. If I was you, I'd practice on a 2x4 a few times first. If you have a paper template for the Attacks and the one for the Dukes, maybe you should compare where the screws would sit on the Small and Large Dukes. Sure, Large is slightly heavier, but you may be able to get an identical boot midpoint for your mounts. TGR and WildSnow usually have the paper templates, but it will take some searching.

    Good luck!
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  5. Dukes would serve you fine as the only binding for a ski that will see most of its duty inbounds. I rode a duke/Gotama setup for several years both inbounds and out and they worked fine. Besides, 7-10 tours should be enough to turn you to the dark side (tech binders!!) for your next setup.

    As far as BF inserts are concerned, I've been too nervous to install them myself, but would love to learn. I know there is lots of good info on TGR, but I just haven't been able to pull the trigger. If anybody knows how to install them and wants to teach the rest of us jongs, I'll offer up my garage and whatever tools I've got for a panhandle "wrench" day!
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  6. Ok, sweet!

    I already have the Attack 13's, I just haven't mounted them yet. I was going to just get day wreckers for them but I might be able to get dukes for the same price so I thought it was worth a shot.

    My ultimate setup is something like the Shreditor set up with an alpine binding and then some ON3P steeple 102's with a tech setup for touring. Unfortunately it's gonna be a while till I can afford something like that. I really don't need to be able to charge out of bounds, I just need a touring setup so that I can chase athletes around and take pictures of them.

    If I end up doing the BF's myself I will definitely post up anything I learn. Hopefully that year and a half of mechanical engineering will serve me well...
  7. Well, thanks for the advice, found a pair of Guardians for really cheap so probably going to go that route and just mount them up traditionally. Thanks!
  8. PowderPanda

    PowderPanda Staff Member

    Liberty Lake, WA
    Looks like you're going with the Gaurdian.. I agree with Mike and Brandon, my GF uses the Dukes and she rides 50/50 resort/Tour. She loves them, BUT is ready.. after 2yrs on the Dukes.. to go to a tech system. Just because there is such a huge difference in weight.

    Snows Coming Kids!!! I already know where I'm going once it flies.. Just need to fill in before the cornices build up too much and make access icky!
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  9. Mike T

    Mike T

    Right on -- I don't think you'll feel much difference, if any, between the Guardians and a traditional binding. I come from a racing background, and I certainly don't. (Well, maybe if I had guardians on a carving ski, but that would be weird...)

    FWIW, I also like them better than my Dukes, which have developed some slop in the toe hinge.
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  10. Sweet, that was my one worry. They ended up being cheaper than an alpine binding as well so I am stoked to mount them up and earn some turns. Hopefully Schweitzer starts getting some snow here...
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  11. Eh, I'm back with more stupid questions. I skied the Shreditors and Guardians all year, toured in Full Tilts, including a run up Mount Saint Hellens and hopefully a run up Hood here soon. I'm planning on moving to Montana and going for some sketchy summer mountaineering if things line up so I'm starting to look for deals on a new setup. Here is what I am thinking, let me know why I am wrong.

    Dream setup:

    ON3P steeple 102 or 112 or something similar
    Dynafit beast (or whatever I can find a deal on)
    Atomic Backland Boots (seriously insane tour boot I have a buddy testing them and they are mindblowing)

    More realistically:

    Steeple/ something cheaper I can find used
    Radicals or whatever I can find a deal on
    k2 Pinnacle or some similar AT boot

    What I want from this setup: I need something fast and light since I am already loaded down with camera gear, that's why ultimately I would love to go with the Backlands, so comfortable and perfect for clambering around to get the shot. Unfortunately they would be a tour only boot and they will be expensive so I'll probably go with something cheaper and more versatile. From a ski I am looking for light weight and pretty stable. Let me know if I am even thinking in the right direction or if there is any gear I am overlooking!
  12. oldguy


    Try shopping over the pond at tlt dynafits tried and true about 200 w/ shipping movement skis response x or sweet apple super light and the dollar is almost par with the eruo.
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  13. idsnowghost

    idsnowghost Staff Member

    Spokane, WA
    Beast and Backland boots? Why go for a 1000 gram boot but then a binding just as heavy?

    I'd go Steeple with Speed Radicals, I believe that was what David was on last summer at Logan Pass. If you can get in the Backlands and cook that shell go for it, otherwise some boots to look at are Maestrale RS, TLT6 and Spectre. All have been on sale this Spring, but try to get them on your feet somewhere.
  14. I'll cast another vote for the steeple 102. If I had the cash, I would have been riding those almost every day this year (sadly haven't needed the width/length of my voile v8s much this year).

    Loving my Maestrale RS, but the Backlands do look sweet. As mike said, don't pick a boot on specs though, pick the one that fits your foot the best.
  15. Yeah, that was a total brain fart on my end. Really don't need beasts as you said, Speed Radicals would be the bomb.

    Mmm, I know those steeple's look real fun, also real expensive.

    Basically, to both of you, I'm not set on the Backlands, I am going to be properly bootfit (for once) I know a guy who is a crazy good boot fitter up in Whistler who was raving to me about the Backlands last week and thought they could be a sick option for me. Ideally I'll road trip up there this summer and have him set me all up.

    Really the boot dillema for me is, do I go full tour boot, like the backlands and then use my terrible, 4 year old Full tilts for all my inbounds skiing since I can't run Backlands in a alpine binding? Or do I go with something like the K2 pinnacle that is compatible with both, isn't as light or tour friendly but lets me get away with one pair of boots for everything?
  16. idsnowghost

    idsnowghost Staff Member

    Spokane, WA
    Can't you talk your way into some Steeples for all the coverage you give ON3P at the summer session? :D

    K2 Pinnacle is pretty heavy, more so than anything in the Cochise line. Brandon and I toured in the Pro 130's for a season before we abandoned the idea of trying to make a crossover/beef boot work for everything.

    I have no firsthand experience in this boot, only what I've been told and read, but might look at Scarpa Freedom SL or RS if you want to try to make one boot work for all. (But… maybe could buy both AT and downhill boots on sale for that MSRP... lol)

  17. Oh... It's that time of year where I spend my life trying to convince companies that my words and photos deserve gear...haha so we'll see

    Yeah. I honestly really just want to get a dedicated touring boot, but preferably something that works in my guardians (WTR tech or whatever they call it) as well. The reason that I may go Pinnacle is that there is a higher possibility of me getting a deal on K2. I don't know, the more I learn the more unsure I get as to what I want so I may just finish out the spring on that Full tilt tour life and then once I have the $$$ head up to Whister and take advantage of that exchange rate and go try on everything I can and get properly fit by my buddy.

    Thanks for all the advice
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  18. huckandchuck


    For what it's worth I've been in the K2 pinnacles for the last 2 years (60+ days resort & BC). Honestly, the weight is the only complaint I can think of. They have been rock solid and fit like a glove in my Marker barons as well as my G3 ions. Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions on them.
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