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  1. I'm looking for any beta on Scotchman peak. How accessable is the trailhead this time of year? Has anyone skied Scotchman? Is it a generally doable objective?
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    Do you have a sled?
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    Hi, I’ve done scotch man a few times, it’s best on sunny days, great views. This time of year you will probably need to add 4-8 miles round trip to the trailhead unless you have a snowmobile, the grade is nice and steady, which makes for a nice non-technical ski down, with awesome views, but the bottom third is heavily treed in some areas. Very straightforward route, basically from well marked trailhead go straight up, go right once you’re above the tree line until the peak. Not sure what service you have but my cell on Verizon has reception most of the way up. I would recommend a partner as you could go days without crossing anyone there and parts have avalanche prone grade. Hope this helps!
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  4. Following this thread. How about in late March?
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    I skied of the top of Scotchman about a month ago. I was able to drive a 4x4 truck with no snow tires about 2 miles from the mosquito creek trailhead area. I then skied up the prominent ridge lookers left from the trailhead. I skied the gully leading down from the peak to Mosquito creek. I had three partners. We all decided to exit the gully back to the ridge because that south face takes some major solar gain during the day. I would recommend starting early. Our total round trip was 10 miles. Could be extremely touchy slope if avalanche danger is high. That gully is a massive terrain trap. Even the prominent is avalanche terrain in many places.
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    C586E304-392E-4DCD-901F-E1580203F38D.jpeg Just went on Thursday. Road is blocked by snow a bit over 2 miles from trailhead but seems to be melting quickly.

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