Schweitzer tour

Discussion in 'Touring Partners' started by Blake, Mar 2, 2023.

  1. I will be at Schweitzer from Sunday March 4th to Friday March 10th. There is a particular tour that looks really interesting which I would love a partner for on a day with good visibility, and relatively good stability. The tour is skiing a series of three north aspects starting with Blue and moving north, then gaining the ridge and working back to the resort area. Check it out on the map and let me know if this strikes your fancy!

    I've been touring for ten years or so, and get out frequently. I feel comfortable and confident making good decisions in complex terrain.
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  2. Hey Blake,
    I don't know how clear it will be tomorrow, but I'd be down to get out so let me know!
    Shoot me a text 914-548-7709.
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