For Sale Scarpa T1 and Garmont Super G boots for sale

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Schenk, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. Hey folks, I have a nearly new pair of Scarpa T1 boots, black w/ red buckles (4) and power strap. Quite powerful. Size 29.0
    I also have a good pair of the Garmont Super G boots, size 30.0. (the yellow ones) Also quite powerful, but with a very sweet flex.
    The Scarpa are practically brand new, 3-4 days on them. The Garmonts are in great shape too, but have a few scrapes where you would expect them.
    Either pair would serve the next owner well for years and years.
    $100 OBO for the Garmonts
    $325 OBO for the T1s

    I am in Spokane, but get out on weekends to various spots. PM me, make offer...gotta sell them!
  2. Nobody has kids with big feet that need cheap tele boots?
    Make an offer!
  3. Still available.
    The corn harvest is upon us. These are good boots in good shape. The T1 are essentially new and the liners can still be thermoformed.

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