Sawtooth Area Partners? Experienced Backcountry Skier new to area

Discussion in 'Touring Partners' started by BenS710, Jan 10, 2022.

  1. BenS710


    Bellevue, ID
    About me
    Washington Native who moved to Idaho to backcountry ski / backpack out my backyard. Grew up hiking/backpacking and started backcountry skiing in 2017 and fell in love. I read the avalanche forecasts daily and have taken AIARE 1 twice now with the plan to re-take level 1 and 2 this winter. I'm confident in my abilities to avoid dangerous slopes and stay safe, but I would rather play it safe after just moving here and not knowing the terrain as well as in WA which is why I'm hoping to meet some people in the area.

    My instagram does a pretty good job of showing what I've been up to as of late.

    Types of Trips: Really anything, but I would love to meet some people who are interested in waking up early on the weekends, spending all day outside and especially climbing remote peaks. I'm comfortable with long days with lots of elevation gain.
    Gear: Beacon, Shovel, Probe, Airbag backpack, Radio, Satellite Communicator, Ski Crampons
    Snowmobile: I don't have one but will gladly provide gas money, beer, and drone shots to tag along
    Apps: FatMap, OnXBackountry
    Longest Single Day Tour: Mt. Adams Summit, WA - 14-15 miles / 7k vertical
    Living: I currently live in Bellevue, Idaho.
    Ski Schedule: I typically do 2-3 short tours after work M-F in the Wood River Valley area. On the weekends I enjoy long, difficult days.
    Ski Level: Intermediate to advanced - I'm not going to be hucking it off massive cliffs but otherwise am comfortable in most terrain.

    Photography: I'm not a professional but I love taking photos/videos and have the DJI Air 2s Drone which takes some pretty amazing shots in the backcountry. I will gladly take photos/videos of whatever group I'm in.

    Contact: If you'd like to plan a trip, feel free to text me at 206-612-5527. Thanks!
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