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Discussion in 'General' started by Brett Gombasy, Jan 2, 2019.

  1. Does anyone know if the road going north up Randolph Creek outside of Taft, MT is plowed and accessible? I see a rather large substation converging with the transmission lines at the end of the road that looks rather large.


    One who is in desperate need of finding new non-motorized accessible places to ski
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    No firsthand knowledge, but.. the Superior area snowmobile map says it's plowed. OSVUM marks it as a snowmobile trail.

    Have you skied out of the Fish Hatchery yet? Dobson Pass? Plenty of other places to get started in the Silver Valley for tours other than Lookout or West Willow. Counted 6 skier rigs up Burke yesterday.
  3. Non - Motorized sounds great, Literally! I have been wanting to check out Dobson Pass for a while. Any suggestions on where to park or avoiding busy snowmobile areas near by?
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  4. Randolph creek road is plowed (snowblowed) only when work is being done at the substation. It is hit and miss. I haven’t found much to ski there as it’s still relatively low elevation, for quality snow, at the substation. But I haven’t really looked around all that much either and I don’t have a sled. I can tell you the road will be cleared the week of January 14 and week of the 28th. All winter it sees a fair amount of snowmobile traffic. There is a warming shelter up there also.

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