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  1. Hi all! I can't believe I just found this site considering I've been skiing Schweitzer for the past 10 years. The snow has been so good in the resort this season that we haven't tried to do much other than Schweitzer sidecountry since a sled trip to McCall over New Years. The avalanche conditions look safe, so we're considering heading out in search of fresh snow this weekend. The only two zones I've sled skied are Roman Nose and Jeru Ridge. Roman nose was great for getting in a lot of laps and had awesome terrain, but it sees a lot of snowmobile traffic and I'm wondering if it's already tracked out. Does anybody have a recent report on Roman Nose, or have any recommendations for a new spot to try out?
  2. Comb through the trip reports, you'll find something to pique your interest.
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    Sorry... late the party here.
    Obviously everything is baked out now.. so it's looking for spring snow. New snow coming this weekend.
    If you're just sled skiing, the North is the only place to get that. If you are skinning in, there are going to be a lot of options, especially since sledders are starting to die out as the season progresses.

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