Ranger Bossu Splitboard bindings coming 2014/15

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    Check out the newest kid on the block for splitboard bindings. Every year better technology comes out for us split boarders… and it only benefits us.
    These bad boys are designed by NZ native Chris Rayner. The beauty to these is the tried and true "tech toe" system that works so efficiently for skiers. There is no awkward toe bend and allows for more range of motion and efficiency when skinning. The base unit clamps down to hold the board together making a solid connect and turns.

    Check them out on FB at https://www.facebook.com/RangerBindings

  2. Those look rad, Larry! Can't wait to try them out!
  3. They look great Larry. Shame they are only for factory inserts. I could drill more holes but think that maybe for a less than perfect cut the pulling together of the two halves maybe interesting.

    Been looking at Spark Telsa, whats your thoughts on them, looks a really solid system and ideal for DIY's. I need to get this knee sorted it's going to cost my a fortune, think some more goodies turned up today from Wildschnee!!
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    Liberty Lake, WA
    Hey Steve… All the systems out there are designed for factory inserts on split boards now. The Rangers give a firmer hold on the two halves than the bindings currently out. I have used Karakorums, and with my weight and torque I put on them, they have broke a few times. In their defense, Karakorum has done a redesign, but for the expense I do not see the worth in trying it.
    Rangers also are the only ones to use the Tech toe system for the touring interface, this gives much better range of stride as well as doesn't kill your toes to bend over as it extends just past the toes. However, the base plate is not bigger than the Karakorums (I have held them and compared to each other).
    PLUM out of Europe seems to have a mix of both Ranger and Karakorum technology.. Not sure how they are getting away with it.. but I think that as things progress, there could be a legal war coming on patent infringement within these new bindings.
    Spark Tesla system, I have original Spark Afterburners (pin) which I freakin' love.. had them almost 6 yrs and every time something goes wrong, I email Will @ Spark and he gets me replacement parts. I tried the Tesla system at the Mt Baker Splitfest and they were super fast and easy.
    Yeah bro… get that knee squared away!!! You got's some touring to do!! And I KNOW your wife has a "honey-do" list building up!! LoL
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  5. Hey Larry,

    Interesting thoughts on the Telsa. Saw Plum when the video of ISPO came out thought the connection to the board was exactly the same as Ranger! They look damn good though and there is an APO collab google APO split bindings have a look at the video.
    I think if we were located near mountains and could ride Glaciers then factory board and Ranger would be the ultimate set up. For a few weeks a year it's a major investment plus we are restricted where I feel safe riding with my knowledge of the area we go to. I know the resorts and the slack country really well after 20 plus years of riding there but splitting has opened my eyes to other possibilities. Need to take some time and find safe zones to split away from the crowds and build more knowledge. Didn't help that the snowpack was horrendous last season we had 50cm base and then three feet dumped on top of it and that was about it for the season!

    Knowledge is one of the reason I really want to get out to Mt Baker, you can only read so much. Riding with experienced backcountry people is what we need to do and learn. Spent too many years just risking it with no knowledge of avalanches and snowpack, have a wife and dog to think about

    Will see how we do this year, at least with Spark we can continue to use the pucks and our current boards but if money looks good then could be an email to Chris and getting the drill out.
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