PSA: Praxis Skis Custom Order Sale

Discussion in 'Alpine Touring Gear' started by idsnowghost, Mar 27, 2014.

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    As you might of guessed I'm big into Praxis Skis. Keith's forward thinking designs and bomber build quality have won me over the years. I'm riding a custom layup Concept for the most part this season, with a couple other of his skis mixed in depending on conditions.

    New for this year are the cores, including a new ultralight core. It's been fun toying with the weight estimator for some of the bigger skis paired with the UL core. Opens up the option of touring on big skis like the Protests. A stiff version of the Yeti with no weight penalty is also very appealing.

    Anyways send me a message if you find something you like, or if you have questions post them here (contacting Keith is also a good idea.. he's very helpful via email). I've got a 15% off coupon I can pass along to further drop the already low prices. Sale ends April 1st, prices will probably bump up a tad then.
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