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Discussion in 'Splitboard Gear' started by PowderPanda, Aug 1, 2015.

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    Hey folks..
    Are ya hot yet??? Well, let's talk splitboard and get ya cooled bit
    A new Splitboard company that has made some interesting improvements in splitboard hardware.
    Their "Binding Saddle" works with Spark R&D binding, but allows you to have numerous angle options as opposed to the tried and true Voile set-up (FYI, I have obtained a set of these and will give a full review of them sometime in December). Additionally then have Hooks and Clips that are a complete new design with out-of-the-box thinking.
    Kevin Clark is the innovator behind these with degrees in mechanical & industrial engineering.

    Well, this year the have Splitboards coming to market. Currently, just a 158 & 162 board (I ride 165 or bigger typically). The standard model is $399…. Yes, $399 out of the box.. and they have a Carbon version for $750, which is about $300 cheaper than other Carbon models on the market.

    I emailed kevin for Spec's, which he responded quickly, sending me the spec's for the 158cm:
    Specs 158cm
    Contact length 116cm
    Waist 25.25cm
    Tip/tail 30cm
    Side cut Radius 6m
    Reference stance 584oc mm

    I sent him a follow-up email for some specific info related to stiffness, waist width of the 162 and camber questions. I did forget to ask about if the stance is set back.. But I will. At this point I'm impressed with the board design and what he is offering.

    Check them out:

    Powder Panda
    14-16 more Friday's until snow kids… YaY!!
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  2. Larry. Most appealing part of this set up is the DIY Splitboard option to use your existing binding 4×4 mounting holes! Meaning 8 less drilled holes in your diy split! Been waiting years for someone to connect those dots! Also opens stance options up.....or ability to let others take your split out with their own stance. I will be buying a set when I hear more. So far I heard they have a little loose jiggle. Also concerns with aluminium of sparks bindings not getting along with much harder steel. Let me know what you find out!
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    Liberty Lake, WA
    I have set them up on one of my splits. Right off I can see a few issues. 1. The directions for installing are horrible. If you don't have some mechanical sense, it would be a daunting task (one piece has to be fitted a certain way). 2. It's aluminum & stainless steel, which isn't huge.. I hope. I weigh 220lbs, add torque, we'll see what happens. (I will be taking 2 boards out when I try this system). 3. The new Tesla Spark Binding don't go on smoothly. Not sure if that's due to the stainless steel interface, or maybe the prouder edge is not gapped enough for the plates to slide on. 4. Sliding the older Spark (pin version) plates on is much easier.

    I do like the over all idea of them. I'll let you know after a few days on them!
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  4. Well? I've been stalking them for over a year and I couldn't tell if they were really making them or not, always out of stock. I'm curious of the durability using the factory solid board holes, and the aluminum. Haven't really heard of them elsewhere but I think they made it to the baker splitfest last year.
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    Yah Scotty... I've chatted with others and have heard the same. As for Baker splitfest, i didn't know he actually showed.
  6. Hey Scotty, funny you brought this back up. I was watching their website all summer since I just split a new diy board for the season. Just cant stand drilling extra holes when there is alternatives. I had the board done about a month ago and could not find the saddles anywhere so I decided to call Kevin directly in Evergreen and see if he had any options for me. Apparently he has discontinued the saddles and is going to replace them with a new puck design....unfortunately he will not be releasing them till this spring. So I asked if he had an extra set of the metal saddles and he shipped a pair up to me for 50 bucks. Got me out of drilling for the pucks. I dont have a lot of time on them with only two tours so far this season. They were not that hard to install if you leave the existing screws slightly loose while sliding the bindings on. The machining was a little tight on the toe and heel stop inserts and I had to file them down just slightly which only took a few min. After that I mounted them just fine. The tolerance was just a tad loose but I found through getting the toe and heel stops tight and tweaking the alignment slightly both bindings fit tight now (there were some changes to the tolerances of sparks bindings so my old blazes probably had some play) All in all after a few tours I have been impressed with the strength and fit to the board and I cannot tell a difference between them and my volie pucks. Also I like many was concerned about the steel on aluminum, however so far I have not seen any wear to the bindings, although this is only a couple tours and a lot of binding on and off to get the fit right. I will keep riding them with my old blazes before I put on my new surges to make sure. At the end of the day $50 bucks to not drill 8 more holes in my board was well worth it. So if your interested give Kevin a call directly, he has his number on his facebook, or you can email him at
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  7. Thanks DMGLUEK. PANDA, I only saw his advertisement for Splitfest. I did see a video by testing a board at baker. So I suppose they were there and would like to check this "lightest splitboard in the world". As a local I avoid the slope when overcrowded.
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    Liberty Lake, WA
    Scotty.. totally understand that. And having been to the Mt Baker Splitfest.. it can be a shit show for sure with people.
    That said, it is a super fun place to meet up with the guys I chat with all the time on social media..

    Oh.. for "lightest splitboard" from what I understand is actually Amplid splitboards has that official title. Would still like to demo on to see how the Prowder rides.

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