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  1. Hi all, has anyone had success getting Pieps to replace the DSP sport or pro? I’ve had mine since 2014 and haven’t had any problems, but now that so many people have raised the issue about them, I’m feeling pretty uncomfortable carrying it in the backcountry.
  2. Bill A.

    Bill A.

    Spokane, WA
    We were quite pleased with their handling and replacement of our DSP Sports.

    We bought ours in 2018. Total time from submitting the warranty claim to having brand new Pro BT's (a significant upgrade) in hand was 39 days, which included the Thanksgiving holiday break. That was a fair bit longer than their claimed 2 weeks and we had to scramble to arrange for beacons for our Avy Rescue course earlier this month, but it has all worked out.

    Since yours is older and out of their extended warranty period, expect to pay a bit for the replacement. Anecdotally, I know of one person who had theirs since 2010 and paid $150 for a brand new replacement. Honestly, a pretty good deal on a 10 year old product of any sort.

    The process is simple. Just file a warranty claim and state that you're uncomfortable with its reliability.
  3. I sent my Pieps DSP Sport back and got a new Powder BT within 2 weeks.
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