Partner wanted for Dad Peak MT

Discussion in 'Touring Partners' started by Sawtooth Tiger, Mar 15, 2021.

  1. Ok,
    Here’s the details.

    I’m 45 and finally have a BC setup. I’ve never used the gear but want to start.

    I figured we’re past 99% of the avy danger (unless a new bigger storm arrives) so I want to get some good corn skiing in before the bears wake up.

    I set my sights on Dad’s peak MT.
    Has anyone done dad’s recently? Any beta you can share? Anyone want to travel with a noob?
    Ill be heading up to the “beginner’s zone” across from Lookout pass ski area this weekend to familiarize myself with the gear...after that, I would like to set a target peak and Dad’s is 1st on my list.

    I don’t have my avy 1 course yet...I just didn’t have the time to dedicate to it this year. It’s also the reason I waited to make this post and go on a trip until late in the season. I will definitely make time to get it done next season though. (Is one still available this season?)

    Does anyone want to try and tackle Dad’s peak with me? I can offer you a free protein bar to sweeten the deal :)
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  2. Not sure where Dads peek is but if you want I check out some lines around the lookout pass/ silver valley I’m needing a partner. I might be willing to travel to dads.
  3. Sounds good man.
    I’ll be doing Lookout this weekend. We could meet at the exit ramp at the trailhead.
    I’ll PM my contact info if you want to meet up on Sat am.
  4. Which direction are you talking about going? I’m going out Sunday but I might be able to go sat as well. 208 699 3811
  5. Call me let’s set something up.

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