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Discussion in 'Splitboard Gear' started by PowderPanda, Aug 3, 2015.

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    OZ Snowboards/Splitboards has a pre-season deal right now for 20% off. OZ is pretty new to the splitboard realm as well. We know several of the riders for them (2 are members of our site, Mike Meru & Jeff Steele) and they have positive things to say about the boards..
    Oh, and you can create your own board.. pick your graphics, base, clips.. even sidewall colour!! The custom board I want ended up being only $720.. I'm taking donates if ya want to contribute! LoL



    Save 20% off any CustomOZer Snowboard for the next 2 weeks.
    This is the BEST discount we will offer for custom boards this year! Use coupon code "earlyseason20" at checkout

    Offer Expires 08/16/15. Use coupon code "earlyseason20" 1 coupon allowed per customer. Limited Quantities.

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