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Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Jeffro, Dec 11, 2018.

  1. I am in the market for 1 ski pole... Anything collapsible out there?
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    Liberty Lake, WA
    LoL... i hate to ask what happened to the other pole.
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  3. ! This is the greatest ad ever. I got one collapsible ski pole for ya. It's a cheap piece, but for you today, Its free. I will probably be rolling up to lookout sometime in the next few days. I am coming out of Moscow. It is all yours if you want it. IMG_1079.JPG
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  4. Hell yeah! I'll take it. Hit me up when you head this way. I work right along HWY 95 at the boat dealership as you come in to CdA, or I can meet ya anywhere in town. 425-770-0547

    PP- The story goes like this... I was standing there minding my own business watching the Doug E Fresh, and a pretty good friend of mine came skidding through my pole, breaking off the lowest section. Many variables, not totally his fault, the beer part was though. Just not ready to drop the $$ on a new set yet..
  5. No worries! I will give you a shout when we are heading up. You can turn the broken one into a shank, for the next time someone try's to get cute!
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