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    Speaking of splitboards.. So, I have been riding Ogasaka Facet splitboard from Japan the last 1.5 seasons.
    2years ago I collaborated on a review of this board (see link below), and they are exactly as you would expect from Japan. Hard charging boards that are designed to be ridden hard, carved, floated and pressed, drops or whatever you literally throw at it.
    The base is insane strong, as attested by @idsnowghost when we rode the South Hill Bluff 2 seasons ago hitting rocks and barely getting any scratches.
    If you are interested in one of these machines, send an email to Kohei Kawagucji, tell him I sent ya (no, I don't get any kickbacks) and be one of the few charging in the US on these. I am hoping to get 1-2 boards sent here for people to try...stay tuned.


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