Ogasaka Splitboard demo's - FREE (with one caveat)

Discussion in 'Splitboard Gear' started by PowderPanda, Mar 9, 2021.

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    Hey Folks,
    Ogasaka snowboards sent me 3 splitboards to demo out for people interested in a high quality, Japanese made splitboard. These boards have insane craftsmanship, with very tight interface. They are traditional camber, with early rise tip and the tail snubbed to allow a drop in powder. These are true freeride boards made for powder, steeps, coulie's or open bowls. I'll note, these can carve hard on groomers as well.
    The boards Ogasaka sent are next years '21-'22 models: Women's 152cm, 159cm and 164cm splitboards.
    Want to read more about the Ogasaka Facet, check out the link below, a collab review by Ian "OceanMan" Tarbox (Chamonix), Colin (Splitboard.com) and myself.
    If you're local, and want to try these, reach out. The cost.. you have to post about it on soc media and this site.

    You will need to supply your own hardware (binding system/skins).

    DM @PowderPanda and we'll get you on a teat of an Ogasaka!


    Ogasaka 152cm Facet splitboard

    Ogasaka 159cm Facet splitboard

    Ogasaka 164cm Facet splitboard
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  2. When and where, I’m there!
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    Liberty Lake, WA
    I'll DM you @Andyman
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    PowderPanda Staff Member

    Liberty Lake, WA
    Quick note: The 152cm & 159Cm will be off to Backcountry Magazine Splitboard test. But will be available after as well as for next season.

    DM me if interested either here or IG (faster access to me there).


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