NIC Backcountry Ski/Splitboard Gear Rental

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    Hey folks,
    A lot of people don't have all the AT gear at this time for touring but want to try or take someone with them.
    NIC has a rental program for many of the items you will need. Be sure to let them know you saw the info on!

    Backpacking and Snow
    Equipment Rentals

    Backpacking and Camping Gear
    Daily Rates

    NIC StudentPublic
    2 or 3 Person Tent$5.00$10.00
    Sleeping Bag$4.00$8.00
    Sleeping Pad$2.00$4.00
    Backpacking Stove
    Water Filter$4.00$8.00
    Snow Gear
    Daily Rates

    NIC StudentPublic
    Ski Gear
    Telemark or AT Skis$8.00$16.00
    Telemark or AT Boots$6.00$10.00
    Cross Country Boots$4.00$6.00
    Cross Country Skis$4.00$6.00
    Snowboard Gear
    Snowboard and Bindings$10.00$20.00
    Split Snowboard, Binding and Skins$14.00$28.00
    Snowboard Boots$5.00$10.00
    Snow Shoe Package
    Backcountry Ski Gear
    Avalanche Tranceiver$5.00$10.00
    Avalanche Shovel$3.00$6.00
    Avalanche Probe$3.00$6.00
    Climbing Skins$4.00$8.00
    Ski or Snowshoe Poles$2.00$2.00
    Mountaineering Gear
    Ice Tools$8.00$16.00
    Helmet (Climbing)$2.00$4.00
    Crampons (12-point)$4.00$8.00
    Ice Axe$4.00$8.00
  2. Awesome thanks! Great way to be able to try out AT for a reasonable price.
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