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Discussion in 'General' started by sewer rat, Dec 17, 2015.

  1. I finally got my skins out and cut them to fit my skis tonight. That part went fine, but the instructions for storing the skins has me scratching my head. They state that the provided plastic mesh is only for long term use and "not for use in the field". So what do you do with the skins when you finally get to the top? Do you really just roll them up and throw 'em in the bag? The skins are G3's, if that makes any difference.

  2. Fold em in half glue to glue and stick em in your pack (or coat if they need to thaw/melt off a bit). Be as careful as possible not to drag the glue through snow, dirt, pine needles, etc.

    All that said, I do occasionally see people us the mesh backer out in the bc. Just one more annoying thing to carry around and keep track of in my opinion.
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    Yes.. What Brandon said... And if the mesh is used in the mans, they will blow away.. then ya littered and lost the mesh.. LoL
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  4. Thanks guys! I did fold a small section glue to glue and didn't think it was going to come apart without destroying itself. Probably not as sticky when it's cold, though. I hope to put it to the test next week, maybe even this Sunday if things go well.
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  5. I like to rip half my skin off the ski, leave the other half on, and the fold the half that's off, then repeat with the second half. That helps me not to drag them around in a bunch of crap. Also is very useful on windy days when folding them in half a full length is near impossible.
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  6. Sounds like an excellent idea, thanks for the tip!
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    My experience with using the mesh for long term/ over the summer storage, has been bad.
    The mesh sank into the glue, and then when pulled off the mesh was a sticky mess.
    The skin glue is also a mess after using these for long term storage and you will get little globs of glue stuck to your boards unless you iron the glue flat again.
    I have had this happen with 2 pair and my brother had the same thing happen This last year.
    Anybody else had this experience?
  8. I have not, I've always stored mine in the fridge over the summer though, in an open ziploc to protect them but let them breathe. A little unconventional but I've never had a problem. And, even better, my wife is ok with it! ;)

    Skins are on year 4 and still work great.
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    I had thought about putting them in the fridge, but then forgot when skiing ends.
    I have been saving the clear plastic that the G3 skins come with and using it for storage.
    The skins do leave a residue on these after a summer long storage.

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